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This page will cover all that you need to know about Coral’s coverage of Scoop 6 horse racing. If you would like to learn more about Coral, check out our Coral Free Bet page or check out the other Coral pages we have linked in this review.

Since horse racing is such a popular sport to bet on, it is no surprise to find various betting options available for punters across the majority of bookmakers, and it is the same story with Coral. Coral is best known for its involvement in horse racing betting and supplying customers with some of the most extensive coverage of various horse racing events. As a Coral customer, you can expect multiple promotions and unique betting markets surrounding horse racing events, including the ‘Scoop 6’ betting pool. To have access to Coral’s Scoop 6 and other betting options, you must first register an account via their website or Coral mobile betting app

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Why use Coral for Horse Racing Betting?

There are a number of reasons why Coral has earnt their reputation as one of the leading bookmakers across the United Kingdom, and one of them is down to its impressive horse racing coverage. As a Coral customer, you can expect to find extensive coverage of every single race that takes place across the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as this; Coral covers various races that take place across the globe in locations like Australia and New Zealand. While comprehensive coverage may not be enough to entice you, you can also find some of the most competitive odds available with Coral, as well as lucrative promotions like the ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ offer and Coral Bet £5 Get £20 offer. 

What is the Scoop 6?

The Scoop 6 is a horse racing bet that all Coral customers can get involved with, no matter their previous experience with horse racing betting. The Scoop 6 is a horse racing bet that takes place once every week on Saturday, usually on ITV Racing. Punters are required to select one horse from each of the six specific UK horse races and will win the bet if every single one of their chosen horses wins their race. However, there is still a chance for punters to recover some of their wagers if the horses they select do not win, as Coral will payout if punters manage to pick a horse that at least places in their race. Punters can pick more than one horse in any of the six races, but this will, in turn, increase the cost of the bet. It costs £2 to pick one horse in each of the six races.

Scoop 6 is a hugely popular way of betting, as punters have the chance to win huge prizes from small stakes. The jackpot prize will roll over to the following week if no one manages to pick six winning horses, meaning the cash prize can grow to huge sizes. 

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