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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the country for sports betting. There are many top betting offers when it comes to horse race betting, so it is good to know some of these before you start. Read below to find out more!

Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on across the country, with the feeling of seeing your selected horse cross the line in a first place unmatched by anything else. Coral recognises the severe demand for this and is one of the best horse racing sites around. As a Coral customer, you have access to markets provided for all races in the United Kingdom, Ireland and others from around the world.

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One of the betting options available to Coral customers is placepot betting, and to have access to this, register an account now. 

What is Coral Placepot Betting?

As with any other of the most trusted bookmakers, any sport that Coral covers across their diverse sportsbook, you can expect to find an impressive number of betting options. Placepot betting is just one of the many ways of betting that are available to Coral customers. Placepot betting allows customers a chance to win significant returns from a relatively small wager. Placepot betting is a form of tote betting where your bet covers the first six races on the race card you have selected for that day. These are available for every UK race, which all feature a minimum of six races. When placing your placepot bet, you are required to select a minimum of one horse from each race, and the more horses you include will, in turn, lead to higher returns. 

Punters picking just one horse from each race will have their original wager multiplied by six, so a stake of £10 will cost £60 to cover each horse you selected. However, as previously mentioned, more than one horse can be selected from each race, which will multiply your original stake further. For example, if you select two horses from each of the six races, then your stake will be multiplied by 64 (2x2x2x2x2x2). Since with placepot betting, you are covering every single possible combination within your bet; you will be rewarded for any winning combinations accordingly. However, a winning combination will not always pay out more than your original stake, as the amount won is determined by how well your chosen horses perform. If one of your selected horses can not run their race, your selection will be replaced with the next favourite on the race card. To access Coral placepot betting features, register an account with the bookmaker. 

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