Best Betting Apps 2022

Best Betting Apps

An increasing amount of bets placed are done so with the use of a mobile device. This has of course helped people to bet on the move and without the requirement for a desktop computer or bookmakers. Due to this many bookmakers have created Apps which have additional features compared to through a desktop or mobile web such as Safari. This is the reason that an App is a must whether you are using Android or iOS devices. Below we are going to talk about what you should look for when trying to find the best Apps out there whilst reviewing a number of those on the market. To save you time, we strongly recommend the Bet365 app. 

What Should I Take Into Consideration When Searching For The Best Betting App?

When you are looking for Betting Apps there are some hugely important things for you to consider.


It is little good downloading a Betting App which has a reputation for continually going down or not functioning properly. There are instances where bookmakers will need to do updates, but this should be rare and if a bookmaker is claiming to be doing it every week, it is probably because there is something amiss with the bookmaker. Over the course of time Apps have improved significantly and most of them can claim to be reliable.


It is essential that the App is responsive. This is particularly the case if you are betting in-play as you will want to place bets quicky. The speed of the app will be affected by wifi connection, phone signal and the device in question. If all of these things are fine it is and it is working slowly it is probably a poorly built App and you should look elsewhere.

User Friendly

This is where many Apps differ as they attempt to make themselves stand out from the rest. Some Apps are set up differently with many of them being hard to use. It can be hard to find the relevant markets, promotions, free bets etc. You do not want to be wasting time having to find your desired market and it is best to select a Betting App which is easy to use.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This might not matter to some, but it is nice to have an App which is easy on the eye. Apps that do not looking great will typically also be slower, less reliable and more difficult to use.


Every customer wants value for money, this is why you need to pick a website that offers the best odds in the industry. This is not always provided by the better known bookmakers and it is important to select carefully.

Range Of Markets

You may be looking to place bets on certain sports. There is little point in finding a good betting App if they are not providing you with the markets that you desire. Generally the leading bookmakers have the widest range of markets.

Free Bets

As we have already discussed, there are a wide range of welcome bonuses, free bets and promotions to take advantage of. You should select a best betting app which offers all of these with regularity.

 Cash Out

Being able to cash out a bet before it has finished is something that has become increasingly popular. That said, many betting apps are yet to join the phenomenon. If it is a facility that you desire it is important that you double check they are providing it.


It is always nice to be able to view the sporting event that you have placed a bet on. Leading bookmakers offer streams of many events which become available once you have placed a bet. This isn’t the case with all bookmakers and some do not offer any streams whatsoever.

 General Service

The general service of the bookmaker should also be considered. This includes customer service, deposit methods and withdrawal times. These are all important issues that should be considered.

Best Betting App For Free Bets

When looking to open a betting account it is worth considering who offer the best Welcome Package.

Which Bookie App Has The Best Free Bet?

We find this an easy question to answer, Bet365. The offer customers a 100% deposit bonus up to £100 in Bet Credits. As a general rule it is the more established bookmakers that offer the most frequent free bets and these include William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bet Victor.

Which Bookmakers App Has The Best Bonuses And Promotions?

Bookmakers constantly offer bonus and promotions to their new and existing customers. One of those is Paddy Power and when it comes to the sheer amount of promotions they are certainly worth checking out.

Can I Get A Free Bet On The Mobile App And The Website?

These are rarely duplicated and if you have taken advantage of the offer through the website you will not be able to do it again via the App. We have noticed that some bookmakers required you to download the App to take advantage of certain promotions. So, to ensure you don’t miss out it is probably best to do everything via the App.This is often the case with the less established bookmakers. These less established bookmakers regularly have the best Apps because they were established during a time that Apps’ were an important part of the industry.

There is no reason why you can’t open accounts with various bookmakers in order to take advantage of all of the offers. Sometimes you can find free bets no deposit on mobile. This is always a massive positive as you do not part with any cash. Some bookmakers even have free bet offers no deposit so shop around.