NASCAR Betting – Unpredictable But Rewarding

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NASCAR involves the racing of three different kinds of “touring series”. There is the third-tier truck series as well as the more famous second-tier stock car circuit. However the most famous of them all is the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. This is the sport which has made the hugely successful Jimmie Johnson famous. The Cup involves 36 regular season races meaning there are plenty of betting opportunity for fans of motor racing.

Betting On NASCAR

The first thing to take note of when it comes to NASCAR betting is the massive amount of cars involved in each race. That number is 30 and is much more than most horse races. With the speed they go at, testing weather conditions and the human error factor anything can happen at any point. This is why odds are attractive if you can manage to predict the race winner.

The large amount of cars and drivers in the race mean there is more to bet on than simply race winner. You can bet on head 2 head match ups and Over/Under finish position. These are more realistic ways to win than continuously taking a punt on the race winner,

NASCAR Betting Strategies

The betting strategies for Race car are very similar to any form of racing, be it horses, dogs, cars or ferrets. Here are a few of those things to consider:


Just like some horses prefer a left handed race track, some drivers prefer a speedway track as opposed to a road race. Check out a drivers win ratio on a variety of tracks before placing a bet.


Just like Formula One, their is a qualifying phase to dictate where your driver will be positioned at the start of the race. This should be a good indicator of what is to come in the race and whether the driver is in good form. It will also be a good indicator if the car will perform well at the track.


The practice sessions can also be a good indicator of whether a car is likely to perform well. Whilst many teams use the period to experiment with certain mechanics of the car, a driver that is continuously performing at the top of the leader board is likely to perform well become race day.


Confidence is key within any sport. This confidence is usually garnered from good form and if the car and driver have finished well in recent weeks it should grab your attention. That said, be sure to look at form over relevant course and distance and not just recent performances.

NASCAR Unpredictability

Regardless of the ground-work research that you do, it is worth remembering that NASCAR is an unpredictable sport. Engines can cut out, drivers can crash through no fault of their own, drivers have even been known to purposely crash into other cars! Please take note of this before placing your bets.

Iconic NASCAR Races

NASCAR is  popular in the United States whilst some of the races also capture the attention of other countries across the globe. The Daytona-500 involves a full 14 days of qualifying racing before the cars hit the track and take each other on at over 200mph. Crashes are frequent and races unpredictable. The Talladega Speedway is a similar high-octane race whilst the Southern 500 at the Darlington Raceway is considered by many to be the most difficult race in the NASCAR calendar.