Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile betting apps have virtually eliminated the need to use a desktop computer or laptop when placing bets. More and more bettors are flocking to their smartphones and tablets each year, as there are so many possible ways to access gambling via these devices.

Download one of our featured apps today and claim a new customer welcome bonus. A number of the operators we feature in this article also offer exclusive rewards as part of their mobile offering — i.e. cashback bonuses, free bets or bet credits — meaning they’re great for saving you money over time if you’re already a mobile betting aficionado.

What Makes a Great Mobile Betting Platform

With the advent of the smartphone, betting has changed once more. Now punters can carry out all their betting transactions on their mobile devices rather than on a computer. This is good news for punters as it makes visiting physical betting shops unnecessary.

As a result, punters can bet from anywhere they like when they want (or have time) to do so. In fact, there are no restrictions when it comes to the type of bets one can place on a mobile platform and nowhere is this more evident than in sportsbooks accepting bets on mobile platforms.

First-class mobile betting apps should make placing bets super easy, allowing you to compare and bet on all available odds from a single screen. It’s also essential that the sportsbook operator enables you to place in-play bets to give you more betting opportunities.

Live streaming is another must-have feature, allowing you to follow all of your favourite events closely. A comprehensive mobile app library of live in-play events is equally important.

Best Betting App

A top sports betting app should offer a great experience, with good odds, and are easy to use. They have the best user experience and will be available on as many devices as possible. Also look for features that add excitement to your betting experiences such as bet builder, live-streaming, in-play betting and early cashout.

Fast Load Times On A Betting App

Gambling can be done on a sportsbook app with a few taps of your finger or logging into a bulky website. So, we’ve made this list of the fastest betting apps in the UK because loading time and connectivity reliability are likely to be the deciding factor when you make your next sports bet.

The developers’ speed is essential for live-event streaming and in-play betting. We tested everything from pre-loaded icons to processing speed and broadband connectivity, so you don’t have an embarrassing moment when you’re supposed to be cheering on your favourite team!.

Betting App Odds

Betting sites are always looking to gain more punters in the UK, offering the best odds in the sports markets. If you are savvy at finding the right odds, you can win a lot of cash at a better price.

This is why having access to the best odds in the market is an essential feature for online sports betting apps. All of our recommended mobile sites have up to date odds with live market feeds so you can have the latest data in the palm of your hand.

Sports To Be On Mobile With

If you are a punter who bets on a wide range of sports, it makes sense to find an app covering the sports you are interested in. This is why we will cover both specialists betting apps and more generalised mobile betting sites.

Before choosing a betting app or a mobile betting site, it’s important to consider which market you will bet on? If mainly betting on the UK markets like football and horse racing, several good apps and mobile sites concentrate only on these two sports and leaving you with no worries about finding bets. But if you’re into rugby, tennis, motorsports, or golf, there are also good apps and sports betting companies who are specialists in this area.

Mobile App Layout and Design

You know the deal with mobile sports betting apps and mobile optimised betting sites, including how they are designed. If there’s one thing you need to remember, your experience of using these apps and betting sites depends on their layout and design, so spend time testing out various applications and deciding whether a new app suits you more than your current one.

Betting app designs and mobile responsive betting sites have to be attractive and exciting and functional. They should provide a great user experience by giving you easy access to the information you need, including updated odds, favourite bets such as accumulators or live betting markets.

Mobile website and app layouts are also pretty important to a betting site’s success. If you are researching your own betting app, then look for one that clearly and intuitively present information with hotkeys and menus that easily lets you find everything.

While placing a bet, you need to have access to the latest odds so that you can calculate any potential returns, the way the odds are placed on your bet slip and potential winnings should your bet win are what sets the great mobile betting sites and apps out from the good ones.

Try to find an app that allows you to easily switch between views and provides a convenient way for filtering info in other ways, or pick one of our recommended mobile betting sites.

Only Use Verified Licensed Apps

The sports betting industry is one of the most exciting and fast-growing industries in the world. The online betting market has been growing at an astonishing pace, with new betting sites and casino games emerging daily.

When it comes to sports betting, you have to consider your options. While there are countless apps available for betting, many of these apps are low-quality and fake. At, we only feature licensed betting apps and betting sites trustworthy and safe to use.

The Gambling Commission is the regulator for commercial gambling in Great Britain. An app or mobile appearing on this page has been licensed, registered or otherwise authorised by the Commission to enable you to gamble in England and Wales.

Therefore, please be aware that merely installing an app on your mobile device does not imply approval for gambling from the Gambling Commission or any other regulatory authority. You should check with the operator of your chosen betting app that they are a legitimate operator and ask them if they have a licence issued by a regulatory authority in your jurisdiction. They will confirm whether they hold licences issued by the Gambling Commission and other relevant regulatory authorities where required.

Usually, you will find that if you visit the sports betting site that created the app, the certificates and licenses that the site holds will have a link in the footer.

The apps offered by bookmakers who hold a United Kingdom license are fully legitimate and legal. They have been vetted and regulated. Bookies, who wish to operate within the UK, must obtain a UK GC licence, which requires that every single betting app they create is subject to strict compliance protocol. This means that your personal and banking data is protected to the highest degree because of the encryption and security protocols.

Horse Racing Betting On Mobile

Betting on horse racing is increasingly popular thanks to the rise of mobile technology and betting online. Passive online bettors are being replaced by the always-available punters who have their smartphones on them at all times. Thanks to this, horse-race betting has become even more convenient than ever before, and there are plenty of advantages to using your phone as opposed to a desktop computer when it comes to gambling on thoroughbreds.

The two biggest events of the year are the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival so you will want a great horse racing betting app, with great horse racing betting options when these events are on.

Like everything else in the modern world, betting on horse racing has gone digital. If you’re ready to start mobile betting with one of Britain’s leading racing apps, we have put together this list to help you choose your favourite:

Football Betting On Mobile

All sports betting apps will usually offer a variety of sports, leagues and events to bet on. However, football will be the most popular form of betting, followed closely by tennis and horse racing. This is because they are easy to understand – you don’t need years of experience like cricket or rugby. You don’t have to understand tactics or player statistics like you do in NBA, ice hockey, American football or baseball.

Whether you’re an experienced punter or a complete beginner, betting on football with an app can be an exciting experience. From the Premier League to the World Cup with the Champions League somewhere in the middle, elite football demands an elite betting app.

Here are a few great mobile betting websites and football betting apps that are popular amongst UK punters:

Other Popular Features of the Best Mobile Betting Apps

As mobile betting markets continue to grow at an exponential rate, both punters and bookies are responding with apps that are more exciting, more fun and more secure.

Mobile betting has changed how punters make bets and what functions a good app should have. Pushing the limits of what’s possible, bookies are releasing new features daily. These are the other features that you should be looking for in a mobile app or using a gambling site on your mobile phone.

Best Payout Percentage

Any mobile betting app worth considering will have a payout percentage near the industry average. As reviews some of the largest UK Sportsbooks, our experts know what payout percentages should be.

Different Mobile Devices

If companies want praise for their mobile betting apps, they need to make sure that they are compatible with the most popular mobile devices out there. This includes the iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android phones and tablets.


It is also important for sports betting sites to offer mobile apps in various languages; people who enjoy betting on smartphones can have problems if they cannot operate an app designed only for English speakers.

A Great Mobile Interface

A great mobile betting app must have an interface designed for optimal viewing and functionality on mobile devices regardless of your type of mobile. If it’s not responsive, the designers might as well save their effort and create a desktop-only app.

Streamlined Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

This is one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a betting site’s app to use. Since the mobile experience will likely be used in spur-of-the-moment fashion, no one wants to wait in long lines or fill out extensive forms while making a deposit or withdrawal.

As betting apps have become more popular, many sports betting sites have greatly improved their deposit and withdrawal processes adding in payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and debit and credit cards.

Mobile Betting User Experience

Mobile betting is a growing industry and one of the fastest growing mobile app sectors, proving that people are willing to spend more time on their mobile devices. A betting app’s success depends on many factors, including how engaging the ecosystem is for customers.

The user experience of both the app and website should be seamless. A mobile site must be exciting and give players a real sense of winning because punters thrive on an adrenaline rush.

Mobile Betting Live Streaming

Until a few years ago, most sports fans and punters would have had to watch their favourite events on their TV’s or follow them by reading newspaper articles. Nowadays, it’s possible to log on to your smartphone or tablet device and enjoy the same action through live streaming of selected tournaments and competitions.

Live betting with a mobile app is becoming more and more popular among customers, as this functionality adds an extra dimension to the betting process.

The first live streaming app on the market was brought to you by Bet365 in 2007, which originally served as an IPTV platform for live streaming several sports events. This was quickly followed by other mobile operators that wanted their customers to view a selection of live streamed channels on their phones or tablets.

Site Compatibility

Platform and device compatibility are crucial factors to consider when looking for a betting app. Most apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices, with some also available on Windows Phone. Beyond the platform, it is important to check if the betting app is optimised for different devices, makes and screen sizes.

The top rated betting sites, and mobile apps we’ve listed have been tested across multiple devices, screen sizes and on a variety of internet connections.

Mobile Betting Sign Up Offers

If you are a sports fan, it would be no surprise that you’ve likely already downloaded at least one of the many sports apps available for mobile devices. But if you’re new to sports betting, or perhaps you’re just looking for a better way to bet on your favourite team (or even for that fantasy football team that’s killing your friend for the money), look no further than betting sign up offers.

UK bookies make extensive use of sign up offers and promotions to attract new customers. Appealing to the mobile-savvy punter, many bookies feature attractive sign up offers that are exclusive to mobile app users. Some will give you a generous bonus just for installing the betting app and signing up.

Exclusive Features

When it comes to online gambling, mobile users outnumber desktop users by a margin of five to one. The mobile betting industry has expanded rapidly throughout the last decade. So did the range of betting types and features available, making mobile betting a very competitive market.

Bookies need to offer exclusive features to keep their customers happy, and this includes the mobile market while at the same time attracting new customers through their app. Mobile users value apps with exclusive features, so they prefer to download apps with these extra perks.

In addition to a special sign up offers and bonuses, there are many betting features that bookies offer exclusively on their apps. In addition to more exciting gameplay, investing in innovative app features and technology shows the bookie’s commitment to its app users. Exclusive features include specific betting types and markets, hotkeys for in-play betting and early cash out, exclusive app event streaming, account ID and security features and more.

Mobile Betting Security

Due to iOS and Android’s continuous development, it is impossible to create one app that would be 100% secure on all devices. But you can dramatically increase or rather, decrease the likelihood of potential threats by choosing the right bookie and the safest apps for your device.

The first question that needs to be asked is: how safe are casino apps and betting apps? Given the private nature of your mobile device, app safety and security are crucial. As with gambling websites, just because you have found an online bookie you like, it does not mean you have found a reliable, secure app.

In fact, betting apps are likely to be used more frequently than a major brand’s website. Therefore, their security measures should be strong enough to ensure your personal details are secure and your payment transactions remain confidential.

So before installing any app on your device, you must make sure it is trustworthy.  All the apps we recommend on are fully licenced by the UK gambling commission and fully compliant with the latest encryption protocols and security features. It is also recommended to understand the bookie’s terms and conditions better to understand app users’ privacy and data protection policies.

Mobile Betting Payment Methods

There are many different payment methods and payment options that bookies offer, enabling you to deposit funds and withdraw winnings easily and safely. Deposit methods include credit cards and bank transfers, e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal and other online payment methods, prepaid cards, debit cards and more.

The best betting apps offer a wide choice of payment methods and a banking option to suit your needs.

Mobile Betting Cash Out

Cashed out bets have only really become possible due to the popularity of betting apps and mobile betting.

Every sports betting site offers a mobile version, but not all allow you to cash out early. For those that do, the ability to cut your losses while you’re ahead is worth its weight in gold, and a lot more besides. This can be especially useful if the market is swinging in one direction: with the Cash Out feature, gamblers can guarantee they get some of their stakes back if they’re on a winning streak.

Winning streaks don’t last forever though, so it’s also useful for cutting your losses if you’re on a losing streak. An early cash out will let you secure a profit if your bet is going right, or get some of your stakes back if your bet is losing.

Mobile Betting Free Bets

Free bets and betting promotions are a great way to try out a new mobile app or bookmaker without being at risk of losing your own money. If you use one of the free bet offers, bonuses and promotional deals listed above, let us know how it went in the comments!

There are quite a few betting sites at the time of writing which offer free bets or a deposit bonus to new customers who download and register for the app. We picked the ones with a mobile app that also covers iPhone and Android apps.

This will cover all major betting brands such as William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Coral and more! So if you have never had an account on any of these betting sites, download their mobile app and sign up. Just make sure that you confirm your account via e-mail or phone call to ensure you get your free bet and hopefully it can grow into a rolling free bet.


To ensure that you get a fair amount of value for your money when you decide to bet, you should go through our list of the best mobile betting apps that offer instant withdrawals.

There is nothing better than beating the bookie odds and winning a bet right away. You can do just that with an app that allows you to withdraw your winnings instantly.

Mobile Betting Customer Service

The thing that will make a difference in your mobile betting experience will all hinge on the efficient service you receive when you need it. This means that you need to make sure that you’ve chosen a site that has a great customer service team on standby. Whether you contact them on email or the live chat service, you want a good response from online betting sites.

Customer service is one of the most important things to think about when selecting a mobile betting site. Most companies that provide this service will have a customer service line that you can call when you need help. However, you must check and see exactly what customer services they are providing. You want to get as much help from them as possible, so you must spend some time making sure they offer assistance at all times of the day for all sorts of issues that could arise.