Football Betting Sites

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As the UK’s most followed and watch sport you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s also one of the sports that the most bets are placed on. With this in mind, we have put together a great list of online bookmakers and their offers so you can get involved in the action. Not only that but we have discovered the best football betting sites through endless studies and testing and listed them below.

Without further ado, the following are our favourite 2022 football bookies.

How do I know which betting site for football is right for me?

Whether it’s betting in the Premier League, betting in the La Liga or just looking for a nice all-rounder, in particular, there’s a general list of criteria that help us rank a betting site and depending on your specific requirements one site may be better for you than another. Also some bookmakers are terrible when it comes to football betting as the site is difficult to navigate or the odds that they offer aren’t as good as other online bookmakers.

So, what’s great about a site and how can we determine that it’s towards the top of the list for football betting? When choosing an online bookmaker for football, the following are probably the most important things to consider.

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Best Football Betting Odds

One thing all prospective punters will be interested in is how good each bookie’s odds are. Below we’ve collected the best sites that will give you greats odds from all the major leagues and tournaments throughout the world. So whether you’re interested in betting on the Premier League, betting on the Championship or other European leagues, you’ll discover all that you need right here.

The quality of the odds is a major success factor when betting on any sport. So much so, that we explained in detail how competitive the odds of bookmakers are in comparison to the rest of the market. You can also learn how to work out for yourself on the go if the bookmakers are offering you decent odds or if they are trying to cover their losses by offering poor odds.

Online football betting usually has much better odds than you’ll find in a betting shop, which is just another online betting benefit.

It’s Not Just About The Premier League Betting

Premier League betting is the UK’s most famous market, but there’s also a whole world of possibilities beyond that. There are other football leagues based in the UK, of course. Every week, the Championship, League 1 and League 2 see a significant amount of online betting action. Most of the bookies we have featured will allow you to bet on the lower leagues, along with the main cup competitions like the FA and EFL Cup.

After the mid-2000s online gambling boom, soccer betting from around the globe became very accessible to UK punters. There are, of course, other major leagues in Europe, such as La Liga, Series A and the Bundesliga, as well as smaller less know football leagues throughout the world.

Not only is domestic football a big pull with punters but two of Europe’s elite competitions in the Champions League and the Europa League are extremely popular with punters.

Nowadays, however, most operators give fixtures from across the globe, from the Americas to Australia, from professional to amateur and often even youth leagues. The coverage amount is phenomenal and it generally implies that soccer betting is accessible 24 hours a day.

The Many Types Of Different Football Bets

The types of and variety of bets is one of the best things about football betting. There are literally hundreds of bets that keep stuff interesting, and that means that there are lots of ways of making a profit from a game than if you were to just bet on the winner of the match. If the Team A is top of the league and playing Team B who are bottom of the league, the odds on Team A winning wouldn’t represent much value.

We have put together all the main kinds of football bets, so check out our rundown of all the different kinds of football bets for how and when to use them.

In-Play Betting & Live Streaming

For the major leagues if you have a subscription to a sports channel then it’s straight forward to keep up with the action, but what about football bets in lesser-known countries? This is where live streaming is here to help.

Live or in-play betting has revolutionised football betting. It allows punters to watch the games in near real-time and with football there are ebbs and flows to a game. Sometimes there are periods when Team A is having a good period of offensive possession and Team B are on the defensive.

Knowing this information and having access to this information is what makes football betting interesting. New kinds of bets have brought a whole fresh dimension to footie wagers, such as who will win the next throw-in or which team will get a yellow card next.

Betting Is Everywhere In Football

Football shirt sponsorships have been around for a long time and have only grown larger. However, we are increasingly seeing betting sites sponsoring teams. Probably the largest instance of this is bwin as Real Madrid and AC Milan’s shirt sponsor. But Betway, too, is West Ham United’s official sponsor.

But it’s not just stopping being sponsors of shirts. As an official betting partner, nearly all Premier League teams have a bookmaker. This does not necessarily translate into punters benefits, but sometimes a bookie will offer unique bets or improved betting odds related to their betting partner group. Sponsorships and alliances also made it possible for bookies to advertise during football games on television.

All this demonstrates how far wagering on sport–and sports betting and bookmakers in particular –has come from being seen in the public eye as legitimate. Sponsorship is an excellent marketing tool for bookmakers, but without the general public changing their attitude towards them, they would not be feasible.

The Best Football Betting Promotions

As though betting on football wasn’t fun enough, the best football sites go one step further, with a number of specific football promotions available. Exactly what the promotion is differing between the different operators. There are a few that are common among most of the online bookmakers.

Accumulator bonuses are one type of football promotion that most online bookies have available in one form or another. This promotion gives winning accumulators a percentage winning boost based on the number of selections in the accumulator. The percentage boost is relevant to each number of selections changes from bookie to bookie, but some operators offer up to a 100% bonus on accumulators of around 12 selections.

The other common form of promotion is a free bet offer of cashback. These promotions give insurance, if the bet loses, by returning your cash as a free bet. Most of the matches that end 0-0 or goalscorer bets are connected with them.

Which Bookie Has The Best Football Betting Site In 2022?

What makes an excellent betting site for football is subjective to each punter’s needs and specifications in many respects. However, it’s safe to say you won’t go far wrong by picking one from this list and in some ways you can try multiple bookies to see which one suits you best.

From our studies on this site, we are confident that you will be able to select from this page one of the bookmakers who will serve all your needs.