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Sports betting has been present in the United Kingdom since the 1600s. Among punters, football is the most popular. Different football events or tournaments such as the FA Cup, La Liga, world cup, UEFA Champions League and Europa League, college football and many others are present in a vast majority of the best betting site in the U.K.

Football betting sites are influential and famous in the country, evident from the sponsorship of most Premier League facilities, stadiums and teams.

Many football bookmakers in the U.K. opine that their betting site is the best because of their numerous sports bet options. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

This guide provides all the ins and outs of football betting sites. You’ll also find crucial information on the accessibility and navigation of each site, together with different markets on offer. All this information is tailored to ensure your football betting experience is seamless.

Best Football Betting Site

Football is a viral game that is watched all over the world. It is the biggest and most successful sport in the U.K. and other nations worldwide.

With the wealth of markets and offers available in football, football is among the most popular options for sports bettors.

In the U.K., most bookmakers believe that their football betting sites are the best. A few factors are considered in a compilation of the best football betting sites. These include navigation and accessibility of the sites and the different markets offered, among many other factors.

Here are the top betting sites in the U.K. for everyone interested in sports betting and football betting.

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How We Review Betting Sites

You need to analyze a betting site for its policies, rules critically, and products offered, among many other factors. Gambling is a serious undertaking that requires you to deal with a company you can trust with your details, time and money. The reliability of a betting site is known from the data they provide online and from reviews and ratings made by other customers.

Reviewing helps one to clear the authenticity of a betting site. It also equips a new customer on what to expect while dealing with the betting site. On top of that, reviewing helps customer service to get hold of the problems encountered by customers and figure out the solutions for the best experience.

Here are a few factors that are typically reviewed, and each contributes to customer satisfaction.


In contemplating whether to invest in a betting company, the most crucial factor to consider is whether it is licensed. With the increase of cybercrimes such as scamming, one cannot just give their details and money to an online betting platform without proof that it is registered, licensed and regulated by a betting regulatory board or government of that particular nation.

For every country that has allowed betting to be carried out as a business, there is a regulating body that protects the interests of the citizens who wish to indulge in gambling. For this reason, a betting company that is not registered or licensed is questionable and may be a scam.

In addition, a betting site’s data security is also a requirement. One that encrypts user data and information, upholds security requirements and protects customers against online hacking and other crimes.

Customer Support

When selecting a bookmaker, most people need to remember to consider customer support. When a problem arises, we all quickly realize the importance of functional customer care.

Most bookmakers know that bettors seek help from their customer care if they have problems on the site. For this reason, most of them have developed excellent customer service.

Good customer care should be able to handle any problem encountered at the betting site by providing answers to generally asked questions in their FAQs section. Good customer service should offer other reliable communication means if you face more complex issues. They should always be reachable to serve customers immediately after concerns are raised.

Most online gambling companies allow communication with customers through email, live chat and even on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Welcome Offers

A welcome bonus is an offer or promotion to customers when they register a new account with a betting company. To fully enjoy welcome bonuses, you must understand how they work and the requirements.

Welcome offers come with terms and conditions like minimum states and odds. Welcome offers also have a validity period. If one uses their welcome bonus within a set period after setting up their account, it expires and becomes invalid.

Welcome bonuses include free bets, risk-free bets and no deposit free bets. The type of welcome bonus bet offered entirely depends on the betting site’s preferences.

Dedicated App

Betting has become a big booming business for gamblers all over the world. With all the transactions and activities involved, you do not have to sit in betting shops all day, as most bookmaker companies have developed mobile apps that can be used on mobile phones for all the gambling activities involved.

Mobile apps make the site easily accessible to users at their comfort. The betting experience is also improved, and there are no time limits as in betting shops that have opening and closing hours.

Besides placing a bet, mobile apps can carry out other gambling activities such as registration, live streaming sports events, and making deposits and withdrawals.

When selecting a betting site, it is advisable to go for a mobile compatible app for convenience and a better user experience. A good mobile app should be safe and secure, easy to use, offer different betting and payment options, have bonuses and promotions, and have active customer service.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is all about the devices onto which the betting site can be functional. While a dedicated mobile app is the best option, not every betting site has a dedicated app.

In this case, the website should be mobile optimised and work the same way on mobile phones and laptops as on a laptop or desktop.

We recommend avoiding betting sites that are not mobile optimised as, in our view, they are poor quality.

Betting Markets

Betting markets are the specific outcomes of an event. Betting site operators use these markets to guide the bettors on what decisions to make as they place their bets on a particular event. They are easily accessible online and in physical betting shops.

Usually, you’re provided with multiple betting markets per match, depending on the betting site and type of sport. However, to have a good understanding of how betting works, one needs to know fully well all about betting markets.

Choosing the right betting markets is very important for every gambler because it is the only way to increase the chances of winning a bet. The right betting markets usually come with generous odds, and you’re most likely to bag significant earnings, which is why you should be extra careful when selecting betting markets.

The most widely known betting markets in football include over/under markets, outrights, both teams to score, Asian handicap, Double chance and draw no bet, and ACCA bets. All betting markets simplify the betting process and increase the chances of winning. With the proper knowledge of betting markets and their importance, one should be able to have a successful betting experience.

Live Streams

Watching and betting on the same platform is every bettor’s desire, making live streaming one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a betting site. Most betting companies with an official live stream license provide live stream options for most events on the available sports.

You can watch different events through live-streaming betting sites, from Football and Snooker to Golf and Darts. Some sites allow players to watch matches on an integrated program, review odds and place their bets.

To Live Stream a game, one must set up an account at the betting site and maintain a positive funds balance in their history. You must also have an internet connection and a compatible browser for your phone.

Live streaming lets customers easily place in-play bets and access real-time odds and information on the same screen. The service is also necessary for fast markets such as a corner or next goal or card, or other bets as the game is going on.

With a licensed live stream site, one avoids unnecessary and irrelevant advertisements which cause delays.

Payout Speeds

Fast cash out is every bettor’s dream. Waiting for a long time for funds from your winnings to reach your account can be frustrating. However, it can be easy as there are betting sites that cash out fast.

Trusted online fast-payment betting sites are the best for cashing out your money. Fast cashing out prevents inconveniences involved with waiting. It also allows you to invest your money and move on to the following activities.

Payment Methods

Another essential factor is the payment method before settling for a betting site. Different betting sites have other payment methods, and it is crucial to find out which ways are easy and accessible for you. The reason for additional payment methods includes safety, interest rates and ease of payment.

Some of betting sites’ most trusted payment methods include Visa, American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz, among others.

Types of Football Betting Markets

As mentioned earlier, betting markets are the specific outcomes of an event or fixture. The football betting markets guide bettors to make the right decisions before placing a bet. With the right betting markets, the chances of placing a winning bet are doubled. The right markets also come with generous fixed odds.

Betting markets expand the available possibilities. The chances of winning are increased because one can succeed in various ways. All the winning options depend on the final score when the game is finished.

Here are a few football betting markets explained in detail.

1×2 Betting

1×2 betting is a betting market that is one of the easiest and simplest ways to place a bet on teams that are likely to draw. The bet does not consider the differences between the two playing teams.

The 1 represents a home win, * a draw, and the two illustrates the away win.

The market gets its popularity from its simple format. The correct calculation gives one a great chance to profit from this market.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

BTTS is a unique betting market that does not require one to pick the winner between the two playing teams. One only has to state whether they expect any or both teams playing are going to score before the end of the match.

The bet features some big odds, which makes it a favourite market for bettors. One can easily bag a winning bet on the Both Teams To Score football market with the correct prediction.

Total Goals Over/Under

Total Goals Over/Under is the betting market entirely dependent on wagers regarding the number of expected goals. Unlike fixed bets, where one has to say the exact expected number of goals, this type of bet allows one to say the number of goals would or would not exceed a particular number.

The most common wager in this type of bet is 2.5′. If you think a team would score less than two goals, it is referred to as the Under 2.5′, and if a team scores more than two goals, it is referred to as the Over 2.5′ wager.

To place an over/under bet, one must understand both teams and be informed of the risk they are about to take.

Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap betting focuses on bringing the chances of the two playing teams playing to 50%. A handicap of 0 shows that both teams have an equal chance of winning. If one team has one of -1, the other team has +1. For the team with -1 to win, they have to score two goals more than the opposing leading team.

Corner Betting

The corner betting market allows one to predict the teams and the number of times they will be awarded corner kicks.

Most bettors love this market because they do not have to predict the team winning at the match’s end. Corner betting is due to the high risk involved in making the decision.

The most outstanding advantage of the corner bets is that they can be combined with other markets, such as the under/over markets. The half-time, second-half, and combined corner bets have relatively high odds. However, the market is difficult to predict, and some bookmakers offer only a few options in this market.

Double Chance Betting

Double Chance, as the title suggests, allows one to select two possible outcomes. Usually, the two outcomes are chosen from a potential of three. With the two options, the winning chances are higher than those of a single-chance bet. However, the odds of double-event betting are also lower, which makes the amount to be won low.

Existing Customer Promotions

Promotions in betting are opportunities presented by the betting company to their customers. They are usually meant to have them build their bank roles from bonuses such as risk-free bets and odds boosts.

Customer promotions are generally given to reward customers for their loyalty to the betting site and to keep them interested by providing for all their betting needs.

With the significant number of betting companies, customer competition is stiff. Each bookmaker constantly competes with others to provide the best and most enticing offers to attract new customers and maintain their loyalty.

Before picking a betting company to place your bets, it is vital to know the customer promotions and offers they give to their customers. Most companies provide a welcome offer for new customers and several offers for existing customers from time to time. This changes from one company to another and the betting markets one engages in.

Best Odds Guaranteed

The best odds guaranteed are one of the most straightforward customer bonuses. One places their bet and takes the odds. If the S.P. is more extensive, they get the best odds. One gets paid out at the best odds, either the odds taken when the bet was being placed or from the Starting Price (S.P.)

The best odds guaranteed allow the players to relax after picking their odds because they know they will be rewarded if they have a better starting price. For taking an early price for fixed odds and the starting price is better, one receives the most significant odds with the best odds guaranteed.

Betting companies that offer the best odds guaranteed usually allow multiples to win on both singles and multiples.

Cash Out

A cash-out is a unique feature that allows punters to settle a bet by accepting a payout that has not reached the expected win when the competition ends. Betters are allowed to cash out during the lifespan of the competition. A futures wager can also be cashed out until there are no more bets taken on the event.

Cashouts are calculated from the current odds alongside the potential winnings from a bet if it was placed now.

Acca Insurance

ACCA insurance is a customer promotion that offers insurance on accumulator bets. The insurance covers one’s stake when one of their bet selections loses. Instead of losing everything, the stake is given back to the customer in the form of bonuses, free bets and, in some instances, cash.

The ACCA Insurance is a great way to make the first bet with a new bookmaker when trying them out before you decide to make them your betting site of choice.

The promotion does not allow one to create a bet to qualify for, but it adds a little value to a bet by insuring the user against total loss when one of their selections flops. When gambling at a site that offers this service, it is advisable to go for it.

Match Specials

Match special is a promotion that allows users to bet on whether a particular thing will happen or not happen throughout the game.

A betting site may have several match total specials offers in the following forms; Total Passing Yards, Total Tackles and Total Rushing Attempts. Each of these lines contains the totals for the two playing teams.


Football is not only a darling of U.K. enthusiasts but many fans across the world. Watching it is a favourite of many in the country. With such popularity among sports bettors, it is only natural to desire to know which are the best U.K. football betting sites in 2023. Our comprehensive list has the top picks and tons of valuable information on how to enjoy your football betting experience.

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