Skrill Betting Sites June 2023

With the world of online gambling continuing to grow, so too are the options which people have to fund their accounts with different bookmakers. One that many are now increasingly turning to is Skrill, and with good reason, too. Multiple bookmakers accept Skrill as a valid source of funding your online account, with it providing a slick, speedy service when looking to top up and gamble online.

Skrill facilitates making payments to websites online, making it ideal for people who regularly gamble online and need to make swift payments. What’s more, most betting sites recognise Skrill as a viable betting payment method and their digital wallet service is widely accepted in the gambling industry. Skrill is part of the Paysafe Group, which also includes NETELLER, another company that is well recognised and accepted amongst betting sites online.

Below, we have listed several betting sites which recognise Skrill as a viable payment method and accept them as a way of depositing into your online gambling account.

Using Skrill for Betting Sites

If you are launching a new betting site in 2022, Skrill has to be a must, given its popularity. To use Skrill as your primary payment method to fund your betting accounts, you first need to go online and create a Skrill account. Creating an account is free, with Skrill only needing to following details to verify a new user: Email Address, Password, Name, Birth Date and Billing Address. You will also be asked to prove your identity to Skrill further down the line to meet regulations.

There is huge Skrill coverage across the gambling industry, with most recognised bookmakers all accepting them as a payment method. Once you have created an account, you can then connect your cards, bank accounts and other payment methods all in one place, from which you can then begin moving funds into your e-wallet.

It is then easy to move those funds from your wallet to your chosen bookmaker, whether for sportsbook, casino, poker, bingo or virtuals. Unlike traditional depositing methods, your financial details are protected when making a deposit using Skrill, with operators not privy to your personal information. That is because Skrill do not disclose any information about your bank/card details, only your digital wallet and not the contents within it.

Why use Skrill for your Betting Sites?

As previously mentioned, using Skrill comes with great discretion regarding gambling sites, with gambling transactions not appearing on your bank statement. Like betting sites, Skrill also offers regular promotions and offers, allowing them to get the most from their money and having their digital wallet.

Their strong relationship with bookmakers is another advantage, as it may work in your favour if there are any disputes regarding funds in your account. If any issues arise when using a standard bank transfer, you may not have as much weight in your corner when trying to resolve the problem. With Skrill being exclusively an online service, your funds are immediately transferred to your chosen website without delay, yet another reason to choose them when it comes to gambling.

As well as this, VIP players can operate between multiple currencies, opening up the range of betting sites you have access to and the currency in which you want to gamble with.

Skrill’s Security

Reliability is crucial when dealing with online gambling and making your deposits, which is precisely what you get when using Skrill. They were the first e-money company to be granted authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority and offer a two-factor authorisation on your account.

With Skrill also ensuring privacy is kept with your personal details, including your bank and card, they are certainly an excellent option that should be considered when selecting who to fund your gambling accounts with. Their set up is perfect for online betting sites.


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