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betting software

You need to know how the technology behind your favourite sports betting sites works as a punter. This understanding will help you keep safe when you are gambling and add to the overall enjoyment of online betting, especially when it comes to in play betting.

While some might ignore the betting software, a strong software platform can significantly impact users’ online sports betting experience. If you are an avid casino or slots player, you would understand the importance of casino software affecting your game-play. But how about for sports betting? It is still getting overlooked even though when you think about it millions of pounds worth of transactions are being placed on all kinds of betting markets each day.

In this short article, we’re going to look at the importance of betting software providers, why so few consider it an important factor in their betting experience and how you can construct a more enjoyable all-round betting experience for yourself.


OpenBet was created to provide flexible and innovative sports betting solutions to sportsbook and casino operators.  The platform allows for real-time bets and complex wagering options that can also be customised to individual operators’ needs. These bets are made through an online betting exchange like Betfair, meaning odds displayed to customers are updated in real time, based on live betting patterns, allowing various markets (including less popular ones) to be offered.

OpenBet has existed for 16 years with its registered office in London. The company has taken significant steps forward in this time by expanding its portfolio of products and taking a position as the leading betting software provider. Their head office is located in London and employs approximately 1500 people worldwide.

As sports betting software goes, Openbet offers betting products to William Hill, Paddy Power, Skybet, Ladbrokes, Coral, and the betting exchange Betfair.


Geneity, a company specialising in Betting software development for sports betting, has designed a fantastic gambling platform with advanced technology. The platform is incredibly flexible and can effectively be used in several different systems. This platform is referred to as GenBet.

Bookmakers use Genbet to build highly customised sports betting sites that encompass everything from the background colour to available bet types. Being a Playtech company, you would expect the technology used at Geneity to be world class. This platform combines fantastic design, real-time data storage and quick access to the many tools that make a betting platform perfect.

Geneity brings together the joy of sports betting and sharing in-play action betting. Some of the products offered include; in-play bets, results markets and prediction market games.


SBTech currently caters to two bookmakers: those who offer their version of in house games (such as 10Bet, Pinnacle and Bwin) and white label solutions for other operators. The latter is the more exciting side of SBTech’s business, with many major gambling brands across Europe using them to provide their odds and technology.

SBTech provides a white label solution for bookmakers. It is one of the most significant software and data solutions providers in the global sports betting industry. The company is licensed and regulated in Malta. It holds an MGA issued Class 1 licence by the UK Gambling Commission and a Category 4 Operating License from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.


Betradar has been heavily involved in the sports betting industry for several years and does have an incredible amount of knowledge at its disposal. Having worked hard to secure the services of many well-known experts within the industry, they can now leverage their collective experience and knowledge to offer one of the most comprehensive and impressive live data feeds available in the sports betting world today.

Betradar is the world’s leading provider of sports content and digital data to major bookmakers, media groups, and online and mobile platform operators. The company owns live event rights worldwide and has built a reputation for delivering high quality market information and odds. Betradar has more than 12,000 customers across the globe operating in both traditional and online gambling markets.

Inspired Gaming

Inspired Gaming is a virtual sports betting and live betting games developer. A thriving online betting industry has evolved over the past decade with the introduction of virtual sports. Inspired Gaming continued its passion and success in offering players some of the best virtual sports betting games and online odds.

They are a fast-growing online company dedicated to bringing the best online virtual gaming products to the market.


Kambi was established in 2006 and has been one of the betting industry’s leading names. With over a decade of experience under their belt and more than 120,000 live events every year on track, Kambi knows what it takes to be at the top of its game.

Kambi has also signed some key partnerships with many household sporting brands such as PGA Golf, MLS Soccer, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, NASCAR Racing and many more.

Kambi Gaming is the leading European supplier of live, interactive sports betting and has powered over 600 operators, processing over 1.5 million daily transactions.

Kambi operates globally with gaming laws approved in Malta, Alderney and Curacao. It is also fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission under its Remote Gaming Licence to provide remote software development services to customers on a white label basis.

How we Review the Best Betting Software, Providers

Reviewing our favourite betting software providers for their user experience is a key component of our analysis. This is how we can analyse the quality of the interface, odds and live data provided by each provider. Key things we look at are whether it user-friendly, do they offer competitive odds, is safe to use and is the live data reliable.

We look at many different things when we evaluate the gambling software platforms we feature. Many people make videos or walkthroughs, but our software experience is most important. With so many companies in this industry, it’s easy to get lost in marketing jargon and promises that are never kept.

As you can imagine, each service type requires a different focus or direction. What one provider might excel in, another doesn’t provide at all. And that’s why when we look into a particular service, we assess it from several perspectives. After all, not every betting software service is compatible with every punter all the time.

In our years of reviewing the best betting software providers, we’ve put every bookmaker and software provider through their paces. A lot can be learned about a company in that time: how fast support answers people’s queries, how difficult it is to get an account up and running, and what type of tools they give you. And because we work with all the top software providers, we can easily add bookies to our site so that you have access to them quickly. Of course, these things are essential – especially if you bet regularly – but there are other metrics we look at before deciding who makes a list.

A software provider’s reputation, background and longevity are all crucial. Other factors include the betting markets available and whether some attractive odds markets will enhance our betting pleasure. For example, we like support offered to local punters, and if there’s a chance of some exotic bets on offer, we want to know that too!

Bonuses and the lastest betting promotions are crucial for Sportsbook and Sports Betting software providers. This is because they can make a difference in your profit margins. With such a competitive market, you need to identify how effective a bonus is and how you can use it to your advantage. How bonuses are offered can also differ from provider to provider, so we need to look at how a bonus is gained and what wagering requirements might exist.

How Betting Software Provides Odds

It’s essential to understand how betting odds are programmed into a betting platform to have a clear perspective as to why odds might vary from one operator to another. It is not unusual for two bookmakers to have completely different odds on a given sporting event. This occurs because bookmakers typically use third party providers to supply the sports betting market odds for a massive range of sporting events.

This is where the quality of gambling software is crucial to you as the punter. Where possible, you want to be able to identify which bookmaker is using cutting edge technologies.

Various companies, including bet365, the market leader, use proprietary online gambling software, which indicates that it can be valuable and helpful in your betting endeavours. Creating relevant odds for customers when they need them requires a comprehensive analysis of the critical factors that go into making up the price, such as team news or weather patterns.

Many sites rely on a combination of software providers and internal bookmaker knowledge and staff to create odds. Most sites use a line betting system; others use a market type betting style. To decide which offer to use, we have to compare betting software suppliers, the price and the standard of service they can deliver. Sites that rely on In-Play betting often take their odds directly from In-Play prices; many bookmakers don’t offer this facility.

The quality of gambling software is even more crucial for playing online gambling; many betting strategies rely on betting experts providing gamblers with betting tools with access to the latest odds. More than 1,000 Betting Sites use In-Play pricing to boost their takes. If you’re looking for a new betting site, you might want to consider it as it gives you more insight into which bookmaker or betting exchange has the most competitive price.

Live Betting Data

Sharp bookmakers are always looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience. Live betting can increase the number of bets placed and the amount staked by each customer, leading to more winnings.

As with the provision of live streaming services, live data provision is one of the main reasons punters use some betting sites over others and allows one bookmaker to stand out from other sportsbook sites.

In-Play betting is one of most online bookmakers’ most significant components of online betting. Their business’s success depends on it, as punters have come to expect the same reliability and accuracy for In-Play markets as they would for their pre-match markets.

When a live event starts, the price for every combination of that event is generated in real-time from the odds provider to all the bookmakers. The price feeds are sent using a private live feed or an ESTA stream to ensure bookmakers’ In-Play prices are the same. As there are market movements or if any bookmakers change one of their In-Play prices, it will also be changed automatically by the rest of them because they are receiving it from the same data streams.

A team of developers are employed to work on the betting side of the websites and apps. Plugins are used across a wide range of sites, and one or more developers may use them. These developers are employed by the company that runs the website, and they have one main aim to make sure that all new features can quickly be released into the betting market.

Live Streaming Services

Sporting events are always famous online, especially with gamblers, whether domestic football in the UK or a Premier League match. However, over the last couple of years, the rise in hours of live sporting event streaming that bookmakers have brought to their websites has really taken off. This kind of initiative has proven extremely popular with punters and has something that bookmakers can continue to build on for years to come.

At first, bookmakers viewed live streaming as an unnecessary luxury that customers had no appetite for. But times have changed, and live streaming has become ingrained in how many of us like to follow sports. This is why all online bookmakers now offer live streaming on their sites.

As more bookmaker sites introduce live streaming, punters will inevitably want to know which sites have the best streaming services.

There’s no question that live streaming truly is an excellent service; it builds excitement around a sporting event and puts a personal aspect to your wagering.

The popularity of live streaming has risen, thanks to smartphone and tablet proliferation and internet connectivity improvements. Bookmakers can also take advantage of this because of its importance to sports betting; having streams available is becoming a necessary feature for any modern bookmaker website.

It’s more than expected for an online bookmaker to offer a live streaming service when placing bets In-Play. This is particularly prominent at an event with lots of action. Live streams and In-Play odds go hand in hand, with an operator aiming for customers to remain at the bookmaker website for as long as possible to increase their gambling chances.

Although the potential for live streaming in the betting world is limitless, with various partnerships already forged between leading sites and rights holders, areas still need improvement.

Betting Site Layout

The betting site layout or user interface is essential and often neglected by punters who use it daily. The layout can be long-winded, convoluted and not easy to navigate. You’re looking for a quick way to access the categories you want. You also want a seamless experience when switching between betting on mobile and betting on a desktop.

If you like heading to the homepage, perhaps it’s good to give you an overview of the latest market prices and bookmaker odds, or maybe you want in-play markets displayed immediately. No matter how your bet, the site’s design needs to suit. The betting site layout is vital for punters, as first impressions count. If not enough, punters will look elsewhere for another bookmaker where they feel more at home.

When betting at a betting site, you want to see the latest odds and their prices. It’s not just about the odds, though; there are other features, such as live streaming, that can also affect whether you like the site. To help you find betting sites that match your needs by providing a good sports betting interface, we have reviewed all of the primary bookmaker interfaces and placed them in one place.

The layout of a betting site is going to be important for users. They should be able to bet on events they are interested in and see what different bets can be made. The bet slip will contain all users’ choices when it comes time to place the wager and provide an overview of their current bets. They should also track winning and losing bets and see relevant selection statistical information.

Licensing Information

Gambling in the United Kingdom is governed by the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014. This legislation applies to land-based operations, gambling services, and bets placed over the internet.

That means all companies providing those services must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, a governmental body regulating these matters. Within this act, various regulations govern the quality of betting software companies can offer.

As part of your due diligence procedure, we recommend you ensure you are familiar with them and check that the service provider adheres to them before making a deposit.

A license essentially provides one of the most significant signs that the provider is legitimate and has the financial capabilities to go ahead with its strategy. The industry has been rife with start-ups over the past couple of years, and some of these companies have become complete scams!

A software provider will hold a license to offer gambling on their website, but they may also white label their product to other businesses. If these businesses provide the odds, then it’s essential that they, too, hold their own UK license to profit from offering casino or betting games.

Betting Software Verdict

Our expert team has looked through the various software providers out there and has given you an overview of why it’s important to bet with an operator who uses cutting edge gambling software. The larger betting companies that operate in the UK have been around as long as they have because they use the best software, and their customers know and trust how to use it.

Given the cost of writing the software and the expense involved in getting it licensed, it’s unlikely that a new software provider will emerge soon. However, new ways of gambling may emerge that open up the market to new software providers.