Best iOS Betting Apps 2022

Whilst it is more common to find Gambling Apps via Google’s Android platform most bookmakers have also created Apps available on iOS, or i-phone as it is more commonly known.

Apps on Apple devices are something that had previously been forbidden, however, as more States in the US legalise gambling the Californian based company have lifted their ban and they have been created at a rapid rate. We will look at the best betting apps in the UK market for iPhone.

What Should I look for in an iOS Betting App?

When looking for a decent Betting App, it is no different from looking generally for a bookmaker. Below are the first things we consider before looking for the best iOS Betting App:

Trusted Brand

In all fairness, in this day and age, the gambling world is so heavily regulated that you can trust most brands. However, the more trusted brands tend to have the higher quality Apps. The lesser brands tend to invest money in them and don’t tend to have one. If you are in any way concerned about whether an online bookmaker can be trusted and you are betting in the UK, just double check that they are licensed through the UK Gambling Commission.

Range Of Markets

There is little point in using an App for a bookmaker if they do not offer the sport, game, or market you desire. Once again this is where the leading bookmakers tend to come to the fore and if you download apps from these bookmakers you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Free Bets, Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone likes a free bet. What is remarkable is that with the online gambling market being so competitive it is exceptionally regular for bookmakers to try and out-do each other. Whether it is a 100% deposit welcome bonus or ongoing promotions for existing customers, it is worth checking this out before deciding the best betting app for you.

Quality Of App

We have used almost every gambling app out there and are fully aware of how the quality of each app can vary. This is not regarding markets and free bets, more responsiveness, aesthetics, user-friendliness and level of customer service available.

What Is The Best iOS Betting App?

After looking at hundreds of betting apps within the App Store, we have listed what we believe to be our top Apps below. To make this list, we have considered the below range of things:

  •  App Responsiveness & User-Friendliness
  •  Range Of Markets, Games & Value Of Odds
  •  Free Bets, Bonuses & Promotions
  •  In-Play Platform
  • Customer Service

How Do I Download an iOS Betting App?

Downloading an iOS Betting App is extremely simple. There are two ways that you can do so. Either download it directly from the bookmakers’ website or search for it within the App Store. You need not worry about the reliability of apps found in the App Store, as Apple is renowned for rigorous testing from Apple before they become a downloadable products.