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The Geneity sports betting platform is simple, easy to use, and gives sports betting operators all the tools they need to run a successful sports betting site. Online betting sites need a functional layout to provide the ultimate betting experience, and this is exactly what Geneity sports betting software provides.

The Geneity sports betting platform is simple, easy to use, and gives sports betting operators all the tools they need to run a successful sports betting site. Online betting sites need a functional layout to provide the ultimate betting experience, and this is exactly what Geneity sports betting software provides.

Any betting platform should be designed to attract new players based on their favourite sports and leagues and have added features such as a user-friendly mobile interface, live streaming and in play coverage.

Geneity, which was acquired by Playtech just a couple of years after three software engineers founded it in 2006, powers some of the most well know sports betting sites. If you aren’t familiar with Playtech, Playtech is one of the most respected online gambling software business names. The operator has a long history of concentrating on its quality over sheer size and has worked with many different software designers over the years.

Geneity Accessibility

Geneity delivers a range of sports betting solutions for the worldwide gambling sector. The company’s core offering, GenBet, is a multi-channel sportsbook platform designed particularly for the sports betting industry. The company’s software is fully compatible with a range of languages and currencies, making it ideal for operators with a strong international focus. “These developments in product design enable non-stop, fast-paced digital sports and events to be broadcast between well-known traders in the iGaming industry.”

GenBet features roughly 100 automated football markets in terms of coverage — despite football being just one of the platforms’ sports, it seems that end-users are spoilt for choice. Geneity also supplies operators with client-side scripting.

Topping the list of reasons why Geneity’s betting software is a solid choice for sportsbook operators is its multi-channel functionality. This ‘plug and play’ piece of software comes with a wide range of features to enable operators to access new customers, and it has a real focus on reaching international markets.

Therefore, it makes sense that the firm has a strong offering for Asian operators, who could benefit from the high-quality live streaming video available through GenBet.

Sports betting companies turn to technology to maximise their income and profitability. Increased competition in the online gambling industry has prompted a need for gaming operators to step up their offerings. To stay ahead, they must look to engage with their customer bases by ensuring that they provide high-quality services at all times.

Geneity User Experience

When it comes to software, it’s all about user experience. After all, if users find a product hard to use, users will not be inclined to spend hours using it. So, when choosing between software providers, especially if you’re managing online sports betting professionally, you really need to think about the UX.

In terms of user-friendliness, Geneity’s sports betting platform is designed to allow operators to manage all their live content from a single screen, which dramatically reduces operator workload during in-play situations. Furthermore, the GenBet system is supplied by several different data providers, so operators have a choice of supplier for each sport or competition they’re managing. The system also grants clients a great deal of control over prices and data streams, making it highly customisable and efficient. Compared to other industry software providers like GameAccount Network, Betfair or Sportradar, Geneity’s platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive.

The GenBet system can be integrated with third-party solutions, such as booking engines or used alongside an operator’s existing content management system or wagering software. It enables users to browse and compose up to 500 bets using drag-and-drop functions across a single window. It supports multiple screens and enables operators to view supplier content and events in a single screen and synchronise all major international live sports events within minutes of their start time. The system’s dashboard is also available through Genity’s mobile application so that operators can manage their business away from the office.

The software behind the Geneity hardware-independent self-service betting terminals, allows a fully customised betting shop platform to be deployed in a retail setting. It can operate on existing (and new) EPOS and kiosk hardware and optimised for use with touchscreens.

Today’s customers want to be able to bet whenever they want, wherever they might happen to be at the time- which means that over-the-counter betting is something that’s only going to increase in popularity. Geneity recognises this and has developed several products specifically for retail stores, including its new ‘Geneity Wallet’ feature. It hopes to appeal to punters who don’t have access to smartphones or computers during their day-to-day lives.

The other advantage of this approach is that customers can set their wallet up in a third-party environment, like Moneybookers or Skrill, and these can be synchronised with an existing account on a betting exchange. This allows users to continue exchanging bets and managing the wallet balance on the platform of their choice. Using third-party e-wallets for withdrawals, users also have the option of using a second e-wallet for placing bets so that they can make use of special offers from different providers. As mentioned above, all Geneity products are developed on a modular basis: where features can be added without causing conflicts and with minimal re-coding by each operator. The range offers several customisable features built into the core product.

Geneity Security and Support

Geneity is a registered company licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that it’s safe to use and regulated for fairness.

There are many ways a company can establish trust. High profile investors, credible third-party endorsements, being part of a respected industry association – these are common ways we think of when we see an organisation’s website. But there’s another way, less publicised but equally, if not more, compelling: the UK Gambling Commission (‘UKGC’) licence. The UKGC licenses Geneity, and that is the ultimate endorsement in the online gambling space. It means that this organisation is held to be trustworthy and honest and is being overseen by one of the most trusted and respected regulatory bodies in the world.

Geneity is a long-standing UK company with high-quality data security products that have been certified by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and comply with information security standards ISO27001 and ISO27002. Moreover, some of Geneity’s designers specialise in information security, which means that the firm has considerable in-house expertise when it comes to data protection – while a predominantly B2B based business model means that the company can’t be responsible for security across the entire supply chain, punters can feel confident that Geneity products started life in a reputable studio.

Geneity’s staff have many years of experience in the iGaming field. This experience, coupled with the company’s exceptional level of flexibility, means that Geneity offers a range of consultancy services in addition to providing clients with product-based assistance. One advantageous option on offer is a service that provides technical help with running large events and can also offer advice on the suitability of existing systems.