Betting On Britain’s Got Talent – Dont’t Ignore Dog Acts!

britains got talent

Britain’s Got Talent is a hugely popular talent competition that is voted on by the general public.  The winning act get’s the pleasure of performing in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show. Musicians, Singers, Dancers and even dogs perform in what has become a British Institution. It is a hugely entertaining show.

As is the case with almost all British talents competitions such as X Factor, bookmakers are providing punters with the opportunity to bet on the event, whether it is the winners of a single day, the semi-finals or the final.

How Can I Bet On Britain’s Got Talent?

In terms of betting online, Britain’s Got Talent can normally be found in the ‘Specials’ or ‘TV/Specials’ section of a bookmakers website or app. Alternatively you can place your bet on in shop. It is unlikely that the odds for this competition will be displayed on the screen. You must simply ask one of the cashier’s for the odds of each act and they will be able to provide you with this information. If you do have an online account you can also place a bet by calling the bookmaker directly.

Betting Strategies For Britain’s Got Talent

Betting on talent shows like this is totally different from betting on more common markets such as basketball and horse racing. This is because the result of the competition is dictated by a public vote. This firstly means that you should try and assess public reaction to an act, whether it be the crowds reaction to the performance or social media activity. The judges opinion on performances should also be considered although it should also be remembered that they will not have the final say regarding the winner of the competition. However, their opinion will undoubtedly effect public perception.

Markets are formed before the first of the live shows and if you have a good inclination at this point you are likely to receive attractive odds for your selection. By the point of the finals the market has firmly formed and it is rare for a long-shot to suddenly appear at the head of the market.

Previous Winners

If you look at previous winners of Britain’s Got Talent, two of the seven winners have been dogs! Musical Acts also do well and have won the competition on three occasions. It has also been won by a Shadow Theatre Group whilst last year a Stand-Up Comedian with no voice stole the nation’s hearts with a sensational performance throughout all stages of the competition.

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