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As with any sport that Coral covers you can be sure to find an impressive amount of available betting offers which we take a closer look at below in this article.

You can expect the likes of football and horse racing to usually dominate the majority of bookmakers’ sites, however, you can always expect to find impressive coverage on a range of other sports when dealing with Coral. A prime example of this is cricket, which Coral comprehensively covers for all their avid cricket fans. To take full advantage of Coral’s cricket markets then we recommend registering an account with the bookmaker via their website and/or mobile app. 

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Why use Coral for Betting?

Coral is one of the best betting sites and has deservedly earnt its reputation as one of the leading bookmakers in the United Kingdom and has done so through a number of ways which include its impressive sports coverage, competitive odds, a vast amount of betting options and widely accessible platform. With such a diverse sportsbook available, customers have the ability to bet on a number of things they wouldn’t usually consider betting on which can make for a lot of fun. Also, you always know you are in good hands when dealing with Coral, with an exceptional customer support team available to aid you with any queries or problems you may encounter. 

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Coral Cricket Betting Options

We have already mentioned Coral’s attention to detail with any sport they cover and it is the same story with cricket. Coral offers a vast amount of betting options surrounding cricket just as they do for all their covered sports. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular markets available to Coral customers.

Match Winner

The most popular market found when betting on a cricket match is the match-winner market, which requires punters to back who they think will emerge as the winners. Punters have three options to choose from across each match which is; home, away and draw. 

Dismissal Method

Another popular cricket betting option is choosing how you think the current batter will be dismissed from the field. For example, punters have a choice between the better being caught or not caught out. 

Method of Dismissal 6-Way

This betting market is very similar to the previous one discussed as punters are required to select how they think the current batter will be dismissed from the field. However, in this market, they have 6 options rather than just two. Punters 6 options are caught, LBW, bowled, run out, stumped and others.

Batter Milestones

A simple market available to Bet365 punters is batter milestones, which requires punters to choose whether or not they think their chosen batter will reach 50 runs, or 100 runs. Punters can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each milestone. 

Next Man Out

Another simple betting option that can be a lot of fun is the next man out which gives customers the chance to guess which batter they think will be the next out. Punters achieve this by simply choosing ‘Batter A’ or ‘Batter B’. Odds for this market usually sit around evens, slightly fluctuating on either side. 

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