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With betting becoming such a popular activity across the globe, the best bookmakers are always coming up with new and innovative ways for their punters to place bets. One of these ideas is the request a bet option. To find out more about what this is, read below!

One of the newer additions that most bookmakers are now using, including Coral, is known as a request a bet. With the introduction of request bets, punters can now have their bet ideas put into action with their most trusted bookmakers. To create and bet on your won request bets, you must register an account with Coral. 

What is a Request a Bet?

Since the introduction of request bets, they have become an increasingly popular way of betting for punters, allowing them to have a little fun with their money. Request bets allow punters to construct their very own bets and then request a price from the bookmaker.

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Coral customers put forward their request bets via the social media platform Twitter by @Coral with #Yourcall in a tweet. Once punters have received their price from the bookmaker, they will be able to find their constructed request a bet on the Coral website under ‘Request a Bets’. Once on the Coral website, anyone and everyone can choose to back their request for a bet. 

Why use Coral for your Request a Bets?

When it comes to sports betting in general, Coral certainly knows what they are doing and provides its customers with a range of valuable features to make their experience with them more lucrative. However, if you are looking to place wagers on request bets or even construct your own, you would not be making a wrong decision in using Coral. They also offer one of the best betting apps available, which makes it very easy to use. There are no limits to what your request a bet must follow, with punters able to create bets that include and combine various markets like match results, goals, corners, cards and even missed penalties. Coral isn’t just a football betting site; customers can also create bets for cricket, darts, boxing, horse racing, tennis and golf. 

With the ability to combine various markets, punters can sometimes create a bet with very high odds, which can often sit higher than 100/1. Of course, punters are not restricted to constructing wild bets and can put together more attainable markets. 

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