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Coral is one of the best betting sites, with a wide variety of sports and games available. Read below to find out more about the Eurovision Song Contest and what betting markets are available.

Coral is a trusted bookmaker, and if you are already a Coral customer, then you are most likely aware of their impressively diverse sportsbook that covers a range of sports. However, you might have missed their ‘TV Specials’ section, where they offer a vast amount of betting options on various TV shows, which include the world-renowned Eurovision Song Contest. Like any sport or event Coral covers, you can find many betting options for the Eurovision contest.

What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision, or the Eurovision Song Contest, is a song competition that takes place every year that features contestants representing their home nation. The Eurovision only accepts contestants from European countries; however, with that said, Australia has been competing since 2015. Each participating country selects what song they would like to be performed and votes for other contestants who they believe should win; the country/contestant who receives the most votes will be crowned the overall winner.

Here Are Some More Coral Offers To Check Out:

This vast competition has been in action for over 60 years, with the first contest in 1956. The Eurovision Song Contest is viewed worldwide. With audience figures more prominent than 600 million, it is no surprise that bookmakers like Coral now offer various betting options in this much-loved competition. 

Eurovision Betting Markets

You can bet on Eurovision using Coral’s mobile betting app. Coral is not one for leaving a job half-done, and that’s why you can expect to find various betting markets surrounding every competition they cover, including that of the Eurovision Song Contest. To find the available Eurovision betting markets, punters will first need an account with Coral and then head to their ‘TV Specials’ section, where they will find various TV shows. After finding and selecting the Eurovision tab, you are greeted with the available betting markets. One of the most widely used betting options available for the Eurovision is the outright winner market which asks punters to predict who they think will win the entire competition. With this betting market, the earlier punters choose their winner; they will be granted higher odds.

With each passing round of the Eurovision Song Contestant, Coral customers can choose what country they believe will be eliminated from the competition during the round they bet on. This can be one of the most exciting ways to bet with Coral, as customers hope to see their chosen country exit from the contest as they watch the action unfold in front of their eyes. 

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