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There are few sports that can top the popularity of golf, especially when it comes to betting on golfing events like the world-renowned Masters tournament. To check out Coral’s best betting offers and what they have on offer, read below!

The Masters is just one of four major golfing tournaments that occur throughout the year, so you can expect to find three other significant tournaments to bet on with Coral amongst various smaller competitions, attracting a lot of punters’ attention. With a high demand for golf betting markets, Coral has stepped up and offered an impressive amount of coverage on the sport. Register with Coral today to take full advantage of their diverse sportsbook. 

Coral Masters Odds

As mentioned above, The Masters is one of four major tournaments that occur each year in the golfing world, and it attracts massive interest from punters worldwide. The Master is always scheduled for the first full week in April each year, and unlike other golf tournaments, it is always held at the same golf course, Augusta National Golf Club.

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The Masters attracts the world’s best current golfers, all competing to secure their illustrious green jacket, which has been awarded to the winner every year since 1949. Despite being an incredibly prestigious event, The Masters fields a smaller group of players than other major tournaments, as this competition is an invitational event. 

Thanks to Coral’s attention to detail, you can find many betting options for The Masters, including pre-match, in-play and outright betting markets. With Coral offering outright markets on The Masters, you can place bets on the event way before it begins. 

Coral Golf Betting Markets

Like with any sport you find across Coral sportsbook, you can expect to find impressive coverage when it comes to golf. As a Coral customer, you can follow both the USPGA and European Tour from start to finish and can place bets on several markets along the way. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular golf betting markets.

First Round Leader

Those who have registered an account with Coral can bet on who they think will be the leader of the first round in their selected tournament. Punters will win their bet if they correctly choose who sits at the top of the leaderboard after the first 18 holes of their chosen competition/tournament. 

Top Nationality

With multiple golfers taking part from the same nation, you can bet on what is known as the top nationality market. With this market, punters are required to choose which player from a selected nation will finish in the highest position in a specific tournament. 

Top 10 Finish

A straightforward market to get to grips with is the top 10 finish market, which requires punters to select a player they believe will finish in the top 10 of the leaderboard in the tournament you are betting on. The bet will win if your chosen player finishes anywhere from 1st to 10th by the end of the tournament. 

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