Staged & Tiered Matched Bets

Published: September 27, 2013
Last Updated: January 3, 2020


Introducing Staged Matched Bets: What are these and how do they work?

As a gambling enthusiast, I love nothing more than supplementing my gaming capital with bonus offers, matched bets and promotions. Make no mistake; the sheer range and diversity of these offers can be overwhelming, with new options regularly entering the market and surprising even the most seasoned of bettors.

Introducing the Staged Matched Bet: How does this work

One of the most confusing is the staged (or tiered) matched bet, which is a variation of the classic matched bet available online. It essentially comes in two forms; one of which is decidedly more appealing and rewarding for gamblers.

The first (and most popular) iteration of the wager offers you a free bet that equates to the matching total of your first five stakes. So, of you place five bets of £5 each after signing up, the bookmaker will match your endeavours with a complimentary wager of £25. This differs from the standard matched bet and offers flexibility to bettors, who may be less keen to place an initial wager of £25 in order to access a 100% bonus (this is particularly true for beginners).

The second variation of this offer is far less appealing, as this offers you a free bet based solely on the average stake that you make. So, if you follow a similar course of placing five individual £5 wagers, you will only be rewarded with a £5 bonus. In order to access a free bet to the value of £25 through this promotion, you would need to ensure that you wagered £25 on every single transaction that you make.

The Last Word

This is a good option for the serious bettor with plenty of capital to play with. With this in mind, the majority of players are better off seeking out the initial variation of this staged matched bet, as this will help them to minimise risk and optimise their final reward!