Make Money on Football Betting

Published: November 13, 2014
Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Discover a better way to make money on football betting

Normal 1 X 2 betting doesn’t make you much profit when betting on strong teams. We show you how to increase the odds you get for betting on those big teams so you can actually make money on football betting.

Read through this article and you will begin to understand that betting is not just about picking the team who will win. There are many more opportunities that will make you a lot more profit.

Problems with football betting odds

Football is the most watched sport in the world. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it is also the most bet on sport in the world. The excitement and passion the game brings drives thousands of people to bet every day hoping to make money on football betting.

The most popular type of bet is the 1 X 2 bet which is basically shorthand for:
Team 1 win / Draw / Team 2 win. In other words, you either bet on one of two teams to win or for a draw.

1 X 2 betting is probably the most popular bet for a few reasons. Winning is the main full time aim of the game, so this is one of the reasons that it attracts a lot of bets. Not so many bets are made on how many corners there might be in a game or who will get booked, because this type of thing is not so exciting.

Another reason that the 1 X 2 bet is popular is simply because it is fairly easy to predict. There are only 3 outcomes – win, draw or lose. If you bet on a particular player scoring there are at least 22 players on the pitch, plus the subs that come on, so this is much harder to predict.

Big teams v Small teams

Now let us get to the point we want to make in this article. When two teams play each other there is quite often a favourite to win the match and a team considered to be weaker who are playing them. The odds you might see for the stronger team could be 1.4 to win the game, and the odds you might see for the weaker team could be 6.0 to win the game. Now what happens here is that most people will bet on the stronger team to win because they are more likely to get a return from their bet. They see the weaker team has good odds of 6.0, but if they are not likely to win, there is no point betting on them. However because the stronger team have a high chance of winning the match, their odds aren’t really that good. You are only making 40% profit on your stake with odds of 1.4. So if you bet £10, you only make a £4 profit. £10 is a lot to risk for only a £4 gain. On the 6.0 odds however, you would be making a 500% profit from £10. People who are trying to make money on football betting have a dilemma whether to risk higher odds with a lower probability or go for the lower odds with a higher probability.

If you always bet on the strong team to win (which is the right thing to do of course), you are not going to be making much profit over time. Also, if they happen to lose the odd game, then you quickly eat up that profit in lost stakes.

Our solution is to delve deeper into the football betting markets to find something that has fairly good odds as well as few outcomes, so that it is quite easy to guess like the 1 X 2 bet.

The best football market to bet on?

Our choice is the Over/Under market. So what does Over/Under mean then? It is basically saying will there be over or under x amount of goals in the match. You can bet that there will be over 1 goal in a match or over 2 goals in a match etc…Obviously most matches have a goal, so betting on there being over 1 goal isn’t going to get you very good odds at all.

Our advice is to go for the Over/Under 2.5 goals. Now there can’t be 0.5 of a goal in a match can there. The number 2.5 is set so you can have goals falling either side of the number. E.g 2 goals or 3 goals.

We have found that betting on Over or Under 2.5 goals is a good figure. There are often 2 goals scored in a match, but there are also often 3 goals scored in a match. Have you noticed an advantage to this over the popular 1 X 2 betting? There are only two outcomes rather than three, so you have more chance of winning! If you bet on there being Over 2.5 goals, you are either going to be right or wrong. The same with Under 2.5 goals. Whereas with the 1 X 2 market there might be a win, draw or a win for the other team. It also doesn’t matter which team scores the goals. It is just the total at the end of the match that matters.

How good are the odds?

So are the odds really better by betting on this market? Yes, we certainly think so. At the time of writing we have the Ukraine vs England game coming up. England come into this game having scored 5 or more goals in quite a few of their other qualifying games. The first time England met Ukraine in this group the match ended 2-1, so a total of 3 goals.

Let’s get on to showing you the odds you can get.

For Under 2.5 goals in the match Bet365 have the bet listed at 1.64.
For Over 2.5 goal in the match Bet365 have the bet listed at 2.27.

Now both of those sets of odds are good to bet on. Either one would bring in a reasonable profit. The great thing is that the bet can only go either way, so you have a good chance of winning whichever you pick. To add to this, when picking a bet of this type you also have the advantage of using the stats to help you decide which one to pick, so you have a greater than 50% chance of winning.

Other betting topics

There are many ways to make money betting on football. You just have to know what you are doing. football spread betting for example often has many people confused, but it’s not that difficult once you read the basics.

Finally, in return for reading our article on football betting, we would like to give you some free bet offers to enjoy. Each free bet is available when you sign up to the chosen bookmaker.