Betting Terms Explained – An Introduction To Betting Terms

Published: November 15, 2014
Last Updated: March 5, 2023
betting terms explained

The world of online betting can be a pretty overwhelming place when you first start out. There are a huge number of sports betting terms used and it makes sense to get a good handle of these before you start betting online.


The best place to start is getting your head around terms relating to odds and placing your bets. These types of phrases are some of the most commonly used betting terms and will give you a good grounding when it comes to placing your online free bets.

To help you navigate this confusing part of online betting we’ve pulled together a guide that goes a long way to explaining some of these betting terms. It’s really important that you understand all of the different types of bets that are available as it can have a big effect on your overall profits.

There are 3 main sections to this guide:

  • General betting terms
  • Football betting terms
  • Horse racing betting terms

General Betting Terms

Some betting terms that apply to all betting markets…



An accumulator is an individual bet which is linked to a series of other flutters, and the outcome is reliant on all of the flutters being successful. It provides gamblers with a route to a substantial sum of money from a comparatively low stake, although the chances of striking it rich are somewhat less likely than placing a wager on an individual match, race or contest.
It can provide a stimulus and thrill like no other and it has become habitual for football aficionados to put on an “acca” ahead of the weekend’s fixtures. As your winnings begin to accrue through each successful selection, your potential earnings can quickly turn from run of the mill to remarkable, but don’t forget that these winnings will disappear if one selection doesn’t come in. Even though you would only lose the original stake that you placed on the accumulator, it can sometimes feel like you have lost something much greater, dependent on how your venture pans out.


Ante-post is a term used for stakes placed at least a day in advance and is particularly prominent in horse racing. By using this method, punters often guarantee themselves better odds than if they bet on the day of the competition. However, it is important to be aware that if your selection doesn’t take part then your stake won’t be negated – it will lose.


A favourite that the bookmakers do not anticipate being victorious.

Super Yankee

This model was reportedly named after an American soldier that placed a bet in the UK for a small stake and won back a sizeable sum of money.  A Super Yankee is made up of 26 bets involving five selections in different events. The bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfolds along with an accumulator. A minimum of 2 of your selections must be successful to get a return.


A fold refers to the number of selections within an accumulator. For example, if you decided to place a stake on a six-fold accumulator, it would be expressed by one bet featuring six selections in different events.


A forecast is a wager that involves predicting 1st and 2nd place in the same event and the correct order in which they will finish in these positions.


Often coined as “hedging one’s bets”, this involves protecting yourself against making the wrong choice by placing a bet on the opposing result in relation to your original prediction. This type of wager is used to guarantee winnings or slash losses.


Named after the advertising slogan of the global American food processing company, this term refers to a stake on six selections and is made up of 57 separate bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and a six-fold accumulator. A successful outcome is reliant on a minimum on two of your selections coming to fruition.


The odds are the returns a bookmaker offers for a selection to triumph and are based on the bookie’s opinion of that specific entrant winning.

Even Odds

Evens bet is a bet placed at odds of 2.00 (1/1), commonly known as even odds, and is seen as an ideal bet because it doubles your stake if guessed correctly.

Odds Against

Where the odds are superior than evens. Even odds are a bet in which the potential outcome is the same amount as the initial stake.

Odds On

This is where the odds are shorter than evens. Therefore if your wager comes in, the amount won is smaller than the amount staked, although it is important to remember that your original stake will be returned to you as well.


This simply refers to the monetary expenditure that an individual or syndicate pays out when placing a bet or multiple bets.

Outright Bet

Where a stake is placed on the conclusion of an entire league or championship rather than an individual match or race. This kind of bet is usually placed before the specific event begins, but these bets are available even after proceedings have got underway. For example, betting on Manchester United to finish in the top four of the Premier League.


A wager consisting of three selections, all of which must be victorious for the bettor to make a profit.


Another of the multiple bet systems and not advisable for novice punters. A Yankee consists of 11 bets involving 4 selections in different events. The bet comprises of 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. A minimum of 2 of your selections must be successful to yield a profit.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap market removes the possibility of a draw between two football teams by allowing for ¼ goal, ½ goal and a ¾ goal head starts, in addition to typical handicaps seen in standard football match betting.  The majority of these handicaps are in 0.5 (½) goal increments, so if you place a wager on a side with a +0.5 goal handicap your bet will win if they draw, while if you back a team with a -0.5 goal handicap, they must emerge victorious for your bet to be profitable.

In-Play Betting

This enables a bettor to gamble on the result or different facets of a live match or game while it is still in progress (“in play”). As goals or points are scored, the odds will adjust accordingly.

Price Boost

A price boost offers bettors temporarily enhanced odds on the price of a race, event or even an entire market, thus adding significant value to your stake.

Football Specific Terms

Some betting terms that only apply to football…


Exact Score

Where you correctly guess the exact result or score of a match.


This is a ‘Both Teams To Score’ wager and for that reason you will require both sides to find the back of the net at least once to be in profit.

Any Time Goalscorer

This type of bet allows you to place a stake on a player of your choice to score within 90 minutes (plus injury time) of a specified match. Own goals and any strikes in extra time or during penalty shootouts are not permitted.


This lucrative market is very popular amongst amateur punters because of the significant returns it can potentially pay out. A scorecast wager is where you predict the first goal scorer in a match and the correct score of the encounter. Both parts of the bet have to be successful; otherwise the bet will be void.


This simple concept involves punters betting on different elements of a match such as goals, yellow cards or corners. A definitive line will be set by the bookmaker and the bettor has to decide whether the final number will be over or below the boundary.
Over/under 2.5 goals is the most prominent market. Therefore if the bettor predicted there would be over 2.5 goals in a particular game, he/she would win if three or more goals were registered.

Goal Handicap

This term refers to one of the two sides being given an ‘advantage’ in relation to the number of goals. For example, the inferior team is given a two-goal lead and consequently, this makes what is perceived as one-sided match a more attractive proposition to punters. Odds are then presented based on the deficit given.

Horse Racing Specific Terms

Some betting terms that only apply to horse racing…


Bar Price

This makes reference to those runners in a race not quoted with a price in the betting forecast and highlights the lowest odds of those horses. For example, a bookmaker quoting ‘20/1 bar five’ means that at least 20/1 is available against any of the runners other than the five already cited.

Each Way

A term used in horse racing where two wagers are placed on one selection – the first is for the selection to win and the second is for the selection to be placed (normally top three/four places dependent on the number of racers). By being offered a bet each-way, it increases the probability of a punter emerging with a profit from their stake.


This bet abides by the same principles of the place part within the each-way bet, meaning your selection must be triumphant or finish in one of the preordained finishing places.


A wager which involves predicting the top three finishers in the correct order.

First Past The Post (FPP)

This refers to your horse crossing the finishing line first, but for some reason is then not awarded the victory. However, the bookies will still pay out on your horse.

In The Money

This expression describes the horses on which money will be paid to bettors, dependent on the place stipulations. This is primarily the top three finishers (and sometimes 4th place).