What is a Patent Bet?

what is a patent bet

Are you someone who loves to bet and explore different options available in the betting world? How familiar are you with truly understanding the various tools and mechanics that go behind every bet? Have you ever wondered what exactly a patent bet is and why it is so popular in the betting world?

If the answer to any of the above statements is yes, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will take an in depth look at what exactly a patent bet is and all the pros and cons associated with it. We will also be discussing why a patent bet has become so popular amongst the betting community and how it can be used to good effect to make a decent winning.

So, fasten your seatbelts and explore the basics of the much lauded patent bet.

A patent bet in horse racing is a type of multiple bet covering three selections in seven different bets. It consists of one ‘normal’ each-way treble and three singles, plus three doubles and a treble across the singles.

Patent Bet Explained

A patent bet is a cover bet that features seven selections, including singles, doubles and a treble. It can be used to boost returns from any betting sport. It’s also called a ‘full coverage multiples bet’, as it covers all the possible winning outcomes. It’s a great option to consider as it gives you the assurance that your selections will not let you down.

It is popular among sports bettors since it offers the potential for higher payouts than most other betting options.

The main advantage of the patent bet is its flexibility and ability to cover more outcomes than traditional wagers. Because of its structure, players can hedge their bets by selecting several different outcomes, this makes the patent bet a great way to protect against losses and maximise potential gains when making multiple bets.

The table below lists all the bets that are covered by a Patent bet:

PartSelectionsNumber of bets
Singles1, 2, 33
Doubles1+2, 2+3, 1+33

Horse racing bettors most commonly use a Patent bet, but they are also a popular choice for football bettors. They are easy to place and can increase your odds by incorporating multiple bets into your selections.

A Patent bet is usually made with three selections in different races in horse racing. Another advantage of a Patent bet is that it can offer a higher return than a traditional accumulator because it includes Singles in its composition.

This is a major difference between Patent and other accumulator bets, as it ensures that you are covered on all combinations and increases your chances of winning significantly.

  1. A patent bet is a type of three-selection wager bookmakers offer on horse racing and other sports that combine singles, doubles, and trebles.
  2. According to studies done by independent research agencies, it has been estimated that over 90% of bets placed in the United Kingdom are single bets while only 8.6% are multiple (patent) bets.
  3. A review paper published in 2015 showed that patent bets provide a higher return than traditional single bets if the right selections are made.

Advantages of a Patent Bet

Patent bets are popular due to their advantages when it comes to wagering. One of the most significant benefits is that patent bets have a lower risk than other types of multiple bets. This type of bet involves making three separate selections, each with different odds and then combining them into a total accumulation bet. As long as one selection is correct, the entire bet will be successful in some way.

This type of bet also offers more flexibility than other forms of betting. With a patent bet, you can make three different wagers on different outcomes without having to link them together – this allows you to differentiate your stakes and increase your chances of winning. It also helps to spread risk since it’s possible that one or two of your picks may not come good, but you will still make it back in some form with the other pick(s).

In terms of flexibility, another major advantage is that you can decide how much you want to stake and divide it across the three individual selections as you wish. This enables punters to control their bankrolls better, maximise returns from even the smallest stakes and manage the risk level that they are willing to take with their bets.

On the other hand, some argue that the patent bet can encourage risky behaviour such as over-betting or chasing losses – taking greater risks during bad runs and hoping for a lucky break. Punters must understand that whilst these bets have an advantage over traditional accumulators, they are still gambling and, therefore, not infallible.

Nonetheless, these advantages have proven popular with punters looking to potentially increase their returns without taking too much risk. It remains one of the most popular bets in circulation today. In this way, patent bets combine safety with flexibility, so it’s no wonder why many people choose them over other more high-risk betting systems.

Next, we’ll explore ‘How to Place a Patent Bet’ – explaining what kind of innovative strategies punters can incorporate into their bets for maximum winnings.

How to Place a Patent Bet

A patent bet comprises three singles, one treble, and three doubles. It is important to remember that all seven selections in a patent bet must be separate events with different outcomes. The bet is null and void if a punter chooses the same event twice.

patent bet bet365

Whilst these types of bets can seem complicated at first glance, with practice, they can become an essential tool in any shrewd punter’s arsenal to maximise returns and profit potential.

You add 3 bets to your bet slip, go to the multiples option on the bet slip and select patent bet as the option. You then enter your desired stake and hit place bet.


A patent bet is 7 bets so whatever you set the stake as will be multiplied by 7. So a £1 patent bet will require you to place a bet for £7.

Alternatives to a Patent Bet

Alternatives to a Patent Bet are popular among bettors who prefer to have more control over their bets.

Single bets, also known as straight bets, allow the bettor to choose only one selection from a given set of betting options.

Doubles are alternatives if the bettor is looking for higher-value winnings. With a single bet, the bettor can study each selection in depth and then use that information to make a wager, often with significantly higher chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Benefit of Making a Patent Bet?

The primary benefit of making a patent bet is its low cost and high potential rewards. With a patent bet, you only place seven bets – three singles, three doubles, and one treble. This means you are investing less money overall than if you were to make multiple separate bets.

Although this lower cost, however, the potential rewards from a successful patent bet are actually quite high. Depending on how many selections you make in the bet, the winnings can be considerable, even at relatively low odds.

Is a Patent Bet Generally Considered a Good Bet?

A patent bet is generally considered to be a good bet, particularly for more experienced punters. The system allows for punters to win even when three of their selections are wrong and can also offer relatively high returns on lower stakes.

Additionally, the bet covers both singles, doubles and a treble, so if any one selections come in, then a return has been made. This makes it great for those looking to limit their betting risk while still reaping the rewards, as there is the potential to get some returns even if many of their picks fail to meet expectations.

How Does a Patent Bet Differ from Other Types of Bets?

A patent bet is a type of multiple bet that consists of three selections in seven different bets. This differs from other types of bets, such as singles or doubles, which only have one or two selections.

The main advantage this bet offers over other multiple bets is its flexibility. With a patent bet, you can take any three selections and receive a return on all combinations of those selections meaning there are seven separate bets for the price of one.

This allows for greater control over your investments and the potential to cover more outcomes than other types of wagers. Furthermore, returns from successful patent bets are generally higher than their single equivalents, giving punters more opportunities to win larger amounts on their stake.


In conclusion, comparing Patent Bet with other bet types provides valuable insight into how this popular bet works within different betting scenarios. Several alternatives are available for those looking for different types or wagers on their sports betting ventures, which can help bettors make more informed decisions about where and how they place their bets.

The key to making the most of patent betting is understanding exactly how it works and carefully researching your selections before placing any bets. It may not be suitable for every type of punter, but it can effectively increase winnings in certain situations.

As with any form of gambling, responsible behaviour should always be practised and when done correctly, patent betting can provide an enjoyable experience.

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