What is a Trixie Bet?

what is a trixie bet

In the world of horse racing, a Trixie bet is a tried-and-true betting system that can pay out a tidy sum if done correctly. But what is a Trixie bet, exactly? A Trixie bet is an advanced bet combining three separate bets into one wager – three doubles and one treble.

The Trixie bet is an attractive option for those looking to multiply their winnings at the track, but it can be hard to understand how it works. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of the Trixie bet, exploring what it is and how you can make the most of this great bet type, keep reading – we’re about to get into Trixie betting!

A Trixie Bet is a popular and versatile betting system employed in horse racing. It is a type of multiple bet consisting of four separate bets combining three selections in different events. This bet allows the bettor to combine multiple results into one bet, thus multiplying the odds and allowing for big payouts if all results are correct.

The spread of the Trixie Bet makes it attractive to many potential punters. While it may be less likely to win than a single wager, the Trixie Bet increases the chances of winning with different combinations of outcomes across three different events. In this way, a Trixie Bet could be worth the risk of increased expenditure in the hunt for greater rewards.

On the other hand, some may frown upon the Trixie Bet as it tends to be more expensive than single or double bets. Furthermore, if only one out of three predictions comes true, then all bets will lose money, which can make it an unappealing gamble for some. It also requires substantial knowledge in order to make accurate predictions across various events, and this can prove tricky for more inexperienced punters.

In summary, although risky, the Trixie Bet has the potential to generate vastly increased returns compared to single or double wagers, given its spread across multiple events. Ultimately, people interested in trying out this type of bet must weigh the pros and cons before participating.

Having discussed what a Trixie Bet is and its pros and cons, let’s explore “How To Place a Trixie Bet” in our next section.

A Trixie bet is a type of multiple bet that combines three separate selections into four different bets. It consists of three doubles and one treble, requiring at least two out of the three picks to be successful for the bet to produce a return.

How To Place a Trixie Bet

Placing a Trixie bet is quite simple, but there are still a few important steps that must be taken to maximise the benefits of this system. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll need to choose three separate horses. These should be horses you think have a good chance of winning their respective races. Ideally, you want to pick two favourites and one underdog to get the best payoff while still having a good chance of winning. Once you’ve chosen your three horses, it’s time to place your bet.

When placing the bet, you must ensure that each of the three legs you have chosen contains all three horses, thereby creating four bets from the same wager. This means that if even one horse does not win, then the bet is lost. It also means that if any two horses end in first or second place, then you will still take home some winnings, even if the third horse fails to finish in the top three positions.

The other argument for a Trixie bet is that it gives bettors more chances to win without incurring huge risk. As explained above, even if only two out of the three horses finish with first or second place finishes, then there is still a chance at some payouts. This judicious combination of risk and reward makes Trixie bets attractive for horse racing enthusiasts.

So with these basics in mind, placing a Trixie bet can be done relatively quickly and easily once you know what you need to do. Let’s move on to the next section and discuss which types of events are best suited for a Trixie bet strategy.

  1. A Trixie Bet is a wager type commonly used in sports betting that combines three selections into one wager.
  2. The Trixie bet stake is divided evenly over the three selections so that all four bets (3 singles and 1 treble) have the same stake amount.
  3. According to statistics from OpenOdds, Trixie bets are popular among punters, with around 6-7% of all sports bets made up of this selection.

Types of Events Suitable for a Trixie Bet

A Trixie Bet is a type of horse racing bet that can be placed on multiple events, usually three. It’s an accumulator bet, combining betting selections with trying and winning more money. However, with a Trixie Bet, the great advantage is that you can still get a return even if one of your selections does not win. To make the most of this bet, it’s important to research the types of events that suit it.

The advantage of the Trixie Bet is that it requires fewer selections than an accumulator, but it still offers multiple opportunities for reward. The easiest way to do this is to choose two singles and one double from three different events on the same day. It’s possible to use the same horse over different races (ex: pick Horse A for Races 1 & 2 and Horse B for Race 3) so long as none of them is in direct competition with one another – such as by competing in the same race. In this case, you would have three combinations: Win Single on Horse A (RACE1) & Place Single on Horse A (RACE2), Win Single & Place Single on Horse B (RACE3).

Regarding picking individual races, there are two options when considering a Trixie Bet. For example, high profile events like the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival tend to attract more variable odds between contenders due to their popularity, resulting in greater risk and potentially higher rewards. Alternatively, for lower stakes betters, less well-known races are probably a better fit as the favourites tend to have low risk returns without sacrificing potential profit.

No matter what race or event you choose, it is always important to remember that when placing a Trixie Bet, you should pick only those selections which have good chances of winning at least one selection as otherwise, it will become too much of a gamble — and that should be avoided! With careful consideration and sound wagering skills, choosing which events to use for your Trixie Bet can be a great way to get involved in horse racing without committing too much money.

Whether betting on small scale local races or aiming for big payouts by taking risks during major events, the Trixie Bet provides horse racing enthusiasts with a unique wagering experience worth exploring.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Trixie Bet

A Trixie Bet is a popular bet employed by those interested in horse racing. It has become an attractive method for many racing fans due to its combination of the chance to experience a thrill within the game and its potentially high payouts. However, there are also several advantages and disadvantages associated with placing this kind of wager.


The main advantage of a Trixie Bet lies in its low risk and relatively good chances of returning profitable winnings. A Trixie Bet consists of four separate legs. It covers three different selections at once and is calculated with odds multiplied to give each bettor the predetermined amount of bets from one stake.

With this type of wagering format, if two out of the selections come true, you will still receive returns from your bet even if the third selection fails to match up. This decreases the risk involved since you can still win even if some selections do not happen correctly. It also increases your chances at a higher payout than choosing just one selection or doubling up your stake on any individual leg.


On the other hand, one disadvantage associated with a Trixie Bet is that it costs more to place than other wagers, such as doubles or singles. This can be seen as an investment cost since you are required to put up more money without much guarantee of doubling or tripling your stake back, as opposed to a single bet with almost no chance of multiplying your original outlay.

Additionally, it has been argued that bidding on three events at once, it limits success—in particular when dealing with certain scorings formats—since all three selections must be accurate for any potential return on investment.

Although placing a Trixie Bet may require more funds initially and involves some level of risk, it advances opportunities for larger returns while still allowing players to experience some thrills along the way. With both advantages and drawbacks in play, the decision to place this type of bet remains largely dependent upon individual preference and need.

We will discuss the potential winnings one can expect when making a Trixie Bet.

The Potential Winnings of a Trixie Bet

A Trixie bet is a multiple bet offering the potential for outstanding returns for small stakes. While the complexity of the Trixie bet puts some punters off, its possible returns make it well worth considering.

If all three of your selections win, you’ll receive a return from all four doubles and one treble of your bet. As an example, if you placed a £5 stake on three winning horses at odds of 2/1, 4/1 and 8/1 then these would combine to give you returns of:

  • Double 1: £20 (2/1 x 4/1)
  • Double 2: £60 (2/1 x 8/1)
  • Double 3: £80 (4/1 x 8/1)
  • Treble: £160 (2/1 x 4/1 x 8/1)

This would make up your overall return of £320 minus the original stake of £5, meaning you would be left with a profit of £315. This means that if any out of three or more horses come in, you can still make a decent return on your original stake. However, if none of them wins, the entire stake is lost. This makes it tricky to predict the potential winnings of a Trixie bet ahead of time.

On the one hand, it could be argued that the Trixie bet brings greater rewards than traditional bets such as singles or doubles. You place three times fewer bets but potentially win nine times more money — even if one selection fails to win! Many punters find this appealing as they don’t need to pick as many winners to win big. On the other hand, placing a Trixie bet will always be riskier than placing three singles. So some more experienced gamblers might stick with traditional bets instead — especially if they have good reason to be confident in their abilities.

Final Thoughts

In summary, although risky, the Trixie Bet has the potential to generate vastly increased returns compared to single or double bets, given its spread across multiple events. Ultimately, people interested in trying out this type of bet must weigh the pros and cons before participating.

Although it sounds complicated, the Trixie spread is rather simple. To make the most of this bet, it’s important to research the types of events that offer the best odds at different stakes.

Of course, you’ll need to weigh up the potential risk vs potential reward before deciding which races to choose for your Trixie bet.