What is a Trixie Bet?

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At Big Free Bet one of our favourite Multiple bets is a Trixie. There are three selections which are only four bets as it is made up of 3 doubles and a treble.  It consists of 3 selections but only four bets. This is because it includes 3 doubles and a treble. This is why it differs from a Patent as it does exclude singles, meaning you can then place more money on the doubles and trebles.

Of course, this also means that if you have only 1 winner you do not receive a return. 

Don’t fret about accessing a Trixie calculator. If you are betting online it is done automatically.

How Does A Trixie Work?

Doubles 12, 23,13 = 3xBets
Treble 123 = 1xBet

If you end up with abandonment of non-runner in your bet it does not matter. This will be removed from the bet and stakes refunded. 

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