Assist Betting

Published: November 6, 2014
Last Updated: January 24, 2024

Insurance on your goalscorer bets with assist betting

How often do you place a “to score” bet on football only to find that your selection didn’t score but ended up assisting the goal? We all know how annoying that can be!

Well we now have a great solution for you!…Assist betting from Boylesports on Premier League markets.

Introduced in 2013, Boylesports opened up this new market to help you get more out of your betting. So far it’s been a great success and many of our customers are benefiting from it.

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So what’s the assist betting market all about and how can you benefit from it?

All bookmakers offer goalscoring markets, which include first, goalscorer, anytime goalscorer etc.., but in the past they have never considered the assister of the goal. Boylesports’s new market adds this into your betting options when betting on any Premier League game.

Take this example. You are betting on a team that has goals coming from everywhere on the pitch – This week the winger scored 2, last week the striker and defender grabbed one each. Now, it’s hard to predict who might score this week because there is no consistent goalscorer in the team. However you note that even though you can’t decide who will score this week, that in the last few games there has been a consistent assister of the goals. This is the player you want to bet on, and now you can!

The markets that Boylesports offers are the following:

  • First assist – who will assist the first goal in the match.
  • Any goal assist – a player who will assist any goal in the match.
  • Top assister of the season – who will get the most assists over the whole season.

One of the great highlights of this new assist betting market is that a player can assist an own goal, so you can benefit from more chances to win your bet!

So before you make your bets on this great new market you will want to be sure what Boylesports actually considers to be an assist

– “Assists are awarded to the player from the goal scoring team, who makes the last touch to the goalscorer. ”

So let’s use this great example of a counter attack goal from Rooney and Ronaldo against Bolton in 2007. There are a couple of touches between both players then then Ronaldo knocks it to Rooney who then scores. Ronaldo is considered the assister of this goal.

Players can also assist from corners, free kicks or penalties. The assister in any of these cases would be the last player to touch the ball before the set-piece is taken. However an important point to note is that if the same player scores the goal as was fouled, that player is not awarded both the goal and assist. This is considered to be an “unassisted” goal, and can also be bet on in the assist betting markets. However we don’t see much value in this bet as there is almost always an assister for the goal.

Other than that, all the normal assist rules apply, but if you are unsure, confirm by reading the Boylesports T&C before you place your bets.

Before we conclude, don’t forget the great welcome bonus that Bolyesports offers to new customers. Any customer that signs up today is eligible to receive a £25 risk-free bet! i.e. When you make your first bet (up to £25), if you are unfortunate enough to lose, then you will be refunded!

After this welcome bonus, you can also an additional free bet up to £25 based on the average of your last 5 bets on odds of 2.0 or greater.