Ladbrokes Odds Boost – a Guide to Boosting Winnings

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Odds Boost, a continuous promotion accessible to all Ladbrokes customers, it allows punters to enhance once a day the odds of one or more bets. If that sounds like an offer with which you can get on board, you’re going to want to read on and find out all the key information.

Below we will clarify precisely how the promotion of Ladbrokes Odds Boost works and how to use your boost tokens.

Odds Boost Key Features

  1. One Odds Boost token per day is given to each Ladbrokes customer. New customers can take advantage of the latest Ladbrokes free bets
  2. If they have not been used, the tokens expire at midnight.
  3. Odds Boost tokens improve all choices on a bet slip’s prospective yields.
  4. Tokens apply to pre-event, single in-play and multiple single-line tokens.
  5. At boosted prices, only the first £200 will be a boosted price

What is Odds Boost?

Essentially, Odds Boost is a continuing easy and rewarding promotion that Ladbrokes a top betting site runs for all its customers. Everyone with a valid account can use the promotion with one Odds Boost token every day.

This token can be applied to single bets pre-event and in-play, as well as multiple bets single-line, on sports and virtual sports markets, and if applicable, an option to use it will appear on the bet slip.

If and when a punter chooses to use their token, it will improve the likelihood of all bet slip selections–subject to some constraints–and thus boost the bets odds.

Each Ladbrokes Odds Boost token expires at midnight of the day when it is available for use if it is not used and will only be added to a bet slip for the first £ 200 worth of stakes. Nevertheless, a single Odds Boost token can still provide an important boost to wins, and if they so wish, each punter can use one every day.

How to Use Odds Boost Token

A continuing promotion that every client in Ladbrokes can automatically profit from if they choose to do so, Odds Boost could hardly be simpler to participate in. All you need to do is follow these simple and straightforward steps to use an odds boost token:

  • Log in or open a new  account
  • Add to the bet slip your selections and press boost
  • These selections will appear on your bet slip, just as your Odds Boost token will be applied. (If the option does not appear, go to the’ My Account ‘ menu where you can verify that you have not already used your daily token and read precisely which bets are eligible for the tokens.)
  • Use the bet boost option to apply the token and enhance the price of your odds.
  • If your bets win then enjoy your increased winnings and then repeat the process the next day once your fresh boost token has been released.

Terms and Conditions

All of the above should offer you a good idea of what the promotion Ladbrokes Odds Boost is about and how to participate. However, the main terms and conditions of the offer are what you also need to be conscious of:

  • Ladbrokes clients will receive one Odds Boost token per day.
  • Tokens improve all choices on a bet slip’s prospective yields by extending their odds.
  • Only the first £ 200 worth of stakes will be struck at the increased prices on a bet slip.
  • Odds Boost tokens appear in the punters ‘ accounts segment of’ My Account,’ where an explanation is also given as to which markets to which they apply.
  • Tokens can be introduced to bets through an alternative that appears on the bet slip of a punter.
  • For single pre-event, single in-play and single-line multiple wagers on sport and virtual sport markets, tokens are applicable.
  • Tokens do not apply to various complicated bets like Yankees, Lucky 15s, etc.
  • Odds boost is accessible to internet and mobile clients, but not accessible to clients of Telebetting, Text Betting or Ladbrokes Exchange, or in betting stores in Ladbrokes.
  • Each day’s Odds Boost token is accessible at 0.01 and if not used, will expire at midnight.
  • Odds Boost is only available for betting on sportsbooks and can not be applied to any other internet item like Poker, Casino, Live Casino, Games, Bingo, Lotto or Slots.

Please visit the Ladbrokes website for complete terms and conditions.


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