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GAA Overview

GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) is an Irish international amateur sporting and cultural organisation which promotes various indigenous Gaelic games such as Gaelic football, hurling and Gaelic handball. Although you may not know too much about these Gaelic sports, you can find a selection of them available to bet on with Ladbrokes’ incredibly diverse sportsbook. Whether you fancy taking a punt on the Gaelic Football First Division or the Hurling NHL Division 1A, you can do so with Ladbrokes. Despite being very niche sports, Ladbrokes offers an impressive amount of betting options which can be taken advantage of once you have registered an account with this trusted bookmaker

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Ladbrokes Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is one of the Gaelic sports that can be found in the Ladbrokes Sportsbook and is a peculiar variant of the well-known sport; football. Like football, it is played with a spherical ball on a rectangular pitch with two goals that can be described as hybrids between football goals and rugby posts. Each team features 15 players who are attempting to kick or punch the ball into or over their opponent’s goal. 

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Although this may be a sport that you are only just hearing about, Ladbrokes offer impressive coverage of the sport, providing their customers with markets on the GAA top four NFL Divisions, as well as the Senior Championship and Ladies Division. For each of these covered divisions, Ladbrokes customers can place wagers on pre-match, in-play and outright markets. Some of the available pre-match markets include options like match betting, match handicaps, first goalscorer and winning points margin. In-play betting markets pretty much replicate the pre-match markets but allow punters to place wagers on events that are taking place live.

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Ladbrokes offers outright betting markets on all of their covered Gaelic football divisions, giving their punters a chance to bet on specific outcomes of entire events. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular outright markets. 

To Win Outright

The most widely used and simplest outright betting market is the ‘To Win Outright’ market, which asks punters to pick one team they believe will win the selected competition. 

To Reach the Final

Another straightforward outright market is the ‘To Reach the Final’ market, which requires punters to choose the team they think will make the finals by the end of the season.

To Be Relegated

Two teams are usually relegated from each of the GAA’s NFL Divisions, and you have the choice of the field to choose one of the two sides that will suffer relegation by the end of the season. 

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