Ladbrokes Wimbledon Betting

Read this review if you prefer to bet at Ladbrokes and want to learn more about your alternatives. Additionally, there are other events you can wager on and Ladbrokes’ pages you can visit. The main focus of this review will be Wimbledon Betting at Ladbrokes.

Although it may not compete at the same level as football and horse racing, betting on tennis has always been one of the favourites amongst punters across the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to the illustrious event known as Wimbledon. With some of the biggest names in tennis competing at Wimbledon, you can be sure they attract a lot of attention from viewers and punters alike, which includes the likes of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Ladbrokes’ coverage of Wimbledon is second to none, and to have access to their betting features, register an account with this trusted bookmaker today! 

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Why Use Ladbrokes For Your Tennis Betting?

Ladbrokes take no half measures in providing their customers with a sportsbook that is impressive, to say the least, with them offering a vast range of sports and betting options to match. When it comes to betting on tennis with Ladbrokes, you can expect coverage of a wide array of events, and you can even find watch your bets unfold live via their handy live streaming betting option. However, their impressive coverage may not be enough to win you over, but with the added incentive of their competitive odds, you won’t want to miss out.

Top Ladbrokes Wimbledon Bets

As with any sporting event that Ladbrokes covers, you can expect there to be comprehensive coverage of Wimbledon, with each and every match being played in the competition available to bet on. As you would expect, Ladbrokes offer all the usual betting options for each of these tennis matches that you would expect to find which include markets like match betting, set results and game-winner. However, on top of these various pre-match markets, Ladbrokes also offers a range of in-play betting options alongside various outright calls allowing you to guess particular outcomes for the entire competition. Ladbrokes keeps the available odds for outright markets updated with each passing day as the event progresses. Below are some of the most widely used Wimbledon betting options.  

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Match Betting

The simplest way of betting on any tennis match, including those in Wimbledon, is match betting, where the punter is required to predict who will win in their chosen match. Punters choose from the two partaking players, and then if they manage to select the winner, their bet will win. 

Set Result

Set result betting is similar to match betting, as punters are required to choose who they think will win in their chosen set. Once again, punters will choose between the two partaking players.

To Win Outright

This is the easiest of the outright markets to understand, with players simply having to back the correct player to win Wimbledon.

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