Ladbrokes Grand National

In this article, we will cover the Grand National and Ladbrokes’ role in betting on it. We will also provide you with alternative reviews you can have a look at.

Those of you who have even the slightest idea about horse racing will most definitely have heard of the illustrious Grand National horse racing event. As you can expect, the Grand National attracts a considerable amount of attention from punters across the United Kingdom, and bookmakers jump at the chance to supply coverage of this event – including Ladbrokes. With it almost becoming a tradition for punters across the country to place wagers on the Grand National, what better place to wager your money than with Ladbrokes sportsbook? Create a Ladbrokes account today via their website and/or mobile app. 

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What is the Grand National?

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The Grand National is by far the biggest single horse racing event that takes place in the United Kingdom; every year, thousands of horse racing fans gather to watch 40 of the most talented horses and jockeys race one another. This illustrious race takes place every April at Aintree Racecourse, which features 30 fences across the 4 miles and 2 ½ furlongs. Winning the Grand National is one every jockey, trainer and owner minds, with it offering prizes that surpass £1 million in recent years. This huge prize purse makes the Grand National the richest horse race in Europe. The lucrative prize money does not come easy with this event featuring fences much larger than the usual fences found in National Hunt courses. 

Ladbrokes Grand National Betting

The Grand National has the ability to attract punters to place wagers on the event that have never shown interest in horse racing in the past and has this ability for a number of reasons. The simple fact that 40 horses will be competing on a course packed full of 30 oversized fences is exciting enough to attract a large crowd, but the added incentive of winning yourself some extra cash seals the deal. With 40 horses taking part, there is the opportunity to win big if you manage to correctly predict the winning horse, and it is not unusual to see the outsiders pulling off spectacular wins. With the Grand National winner pretty much impossible to predict, your horse betting experience does not matter, as a lucky guess is all you need. 

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Ladbrokes provides exceptional coverage of the Grand National as they offer odds on each and every horse that is set to feature in the race. Ladbrokes always look after their customers leading up to big events like the Grand National, and you can often take advantage of various exclusive offers. For example, Ladbrokes has been known to pay out extra places on customers’ each-way bets. 

If you are unaware of each way bets, then continue reading, as they are a vital part of horse race betting. Each way bets allow customers to have their bets paid out of their chosen horse places which usually means finishing in the top three spots. However, this is down to the bookmaker’s discretion, and as previously mentioned, Ladbrokes often payout for extra places for events like the Grand National. 

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