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Darts experienced a massive boom in the 1970’s and 80’s with players like Eric Bristow and Jockey Wilson at the forefront of this. It spent a bit of time in the doldrums, but since Barry Hearn has rebranded the sport this millennium it has become a very large part of sports gambling. There are massive event throughout the year, the highlight of course being the PDC World Darts Championship held every Christmas. Below we have a list of all the major events. 

  • BDO World Championship (January) 
  • The Masters (Jan/Feb) 
  • Premier League (February to May) 
  • Players Championship Series (February to November) 
  • UK Open Finals (March) 
  • German Darts Masters (May) 
  • World Cup of Darts (May/June) 
  • North American Championship (July) 
  • US Darts Masters (July) 
  • Shanghai Darts Masters (July) 
  • World Matchplay (July) 
  • Australian & New Zealand Series (August) 
  • Champions League of Darts (September) 
  • World Grand Prix (September/October) 
  • European Championship (October) 
  • World Series of Darts Finals (November) 
  • Grand Slam of Darts (November) 
  • PDC World Championship (December/January) 

So as you can see, Darts is one of those rare sports that you can bet on throughout the year and many of the above events are televised. The Premier League Darts is a very popular event to be on and is held every Thursday night between February and May. The top 12 players now contest that event and it is a popular event for accumulator bets. Here are a list of popular bets that are placed across the calendar year. 

What Are The Best Darts Betting Sites 

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Popular Markets

Match Betting 

This one is stating the obvious, but is simply when you select which darts player is going to win the whole match. There is no draw to be concerned about in Darts unless you are betting on the PDC Premier League. It is always worth checking out players head to head records before placing a match bet.  


When one player is clear favourite against another it can be better to place handicap bets. This way you are likely to get more value. Michael Van Gerwen is regularly 1/3 in Premier League matches that are first to seven legs. However if you back him to win -3 you may be more likely to get close to even money on this outcome. 

Most 180’s 

180 is obviously the maximum score you can achieve with three darts. You can place a bet on which player in the match will achieve the most of these. It is worth checking the stats for players regarding this. Some may assume that Phil Taylor hit lots of 180’s, however his style of play meant he would regularly hit less than players seeded well below him.  

Correct Score 

Like most sports you can also place a bet on correct score. Depending on the type of tournament Some tournaments are a race to a certain amount of sets whilst others is done in legs. The PDC World Championship final is done in sets and the final is first to 7 (each set is best of three legs).  

Highest Checkout 

The highest checkout you can make in darts is 170. You can have a bet during the match on who will have the highest checkout. In the extremely rare instance that both players hit the same checkout the bet would be void. This bet could be placed as the highest checkout of a whole tournament or simply a single match.  

Winner/Most 180’s/Highest Checkout 

Many bookmakers also offer customers the option to decide that the same player will win, hit the most 180’s and hit the highest checkout. Whilst the components of this bet would normally result in it being deemed a related bet the bookies will still supply the odds for you on this market.  

Other Markets 

Whilst the one’s listed above there are various other markets. These include peculiar bets include colour of double that players checks out on. 

Notable Players 

Phil Taylor is without doubt the most famous player to have played darts, he took over from Eric Bristow and there is no doubt that Taylor’s ludicrous amount of World Titles will never be beaten. That said, the main reason for that is because the level is now so high and the top 16 has a serious amount of depth to it. 

Michael Van Gerwen is clearly the best player at this moment in time. Gary Anderson is usually the closest to him in the betting after this. Other notable players include Peter Wright, Rob Cross, Daryl Gurney and James Wade. The only players in the top 16 players to have won the PDC World Darts Championship are Van Gerwen, Anderson, Cross and Adrian Lewis.  


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