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    Compare Free Bets before joining sportsbooks

    If you are into betting online, then you probably know that most bookmakers will give you free bets when you sign up. These offers are designed as incentives to attract you to bet with them. You can sometimes even continue to receive these free bet rewards after becoming a customer. The reward goes both ways – the company get you betting on their sportsbook and you get a nice free bet out of it.

    There’s nothing saying that you have to stick with one bookmaker though. There are plenty to choose from and each one has a different offer waiting for you. The purpose of bigfreebet.com is to provide a simple list of these offers to help you choose which one is right for you.

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What type of free bets are available?

A matched bet is the simplest and most common of the free bets. When you place your first bet, your bet is “matched” with a free bet from the bookmaker. Matched bets are usually 100% up to £X amount. So for example, with a £25 matched bet, what you bet is matched 100% from the bookie and you get £25 free. Occasionally smaller bookies have lower offers like a 50% matched bet, but they usually require a bigger initial bet. For example, a 50% matched bet up to £25. In this case, you would have to bet £50 to get the free £25. For both offers get you a £25 free bet, but in the first you don’t have to bet so much in one go. All matched bets usually have a minimum odds limit that you have to bet on in order to claim your free bet – usually at 1.5 – 2.0 (½ – evens).

Deposit bonuses are not so common in sportsbooks and usually only used in online casinos. However our featured bookmaker Bet365 uses a deposit bonus so it’s important for you to understand what it is! With a deposit bonus, you don’t need to bet any money to claim the bonus. All you need to do is deposit an amount in your account and you are given the bonus. The bonus system usually works the same as a matched bet in that you receive a 100% bonus on top of what you put in. However the main difference with a deposit bonus is the rollover requirement. This is the amount of times that you have to bet the bonus (and sometimes deposit as well) before you can withdraw it, and is put in place so you don’t abuse the offer. So for example, you might see a 3x rollover requirement. With a £50 bonus, you would have to bet £150 before you could withdraw it.

This type of bet is fairly new and is only offered by a few sportsbooks. We like this type of bet as it is a nice simple offer that makes betting more fun, especially for beginners. With a risk-free bet, you can make your first bet normally, and if you lose it, you get the money refunded up to £X amount. So a £25 risk-free bet, would entitle you to £25 free if you lost £25 on your first bet. These bets can sometimes have a minimum odds limit that you have to be above if you want your bet to be risk-free – usually 2.0 (evens).

Sometimes you will see an offer with something like bet £10, get £20. These are actually matched bets, but are offering a bigger bonus, usually 200%. The rules will be the same as a traditional matched bet. This type of offer can sometimes be just referred to as a bonus, for example a 200% bonus. However, these are not deposit bonuses as you have to bet an amount first in order to claim the offer.

This type of offer is quite rare and is when you get a free bet just for opening an account with a certain bookmaker. It’s a great way to start betting without any risk but the amounts are usually quite small – between £5 and £10. Sometimes there is a rollover requirement or minimum odds as well, so you can’t withdraw winnings straight away.

These can come in two forms. Let’s say that the offer is a 5 stage match bet. You will either see “free bet matching total of your first 5 stakes” or “matching average of your first 5 stakes”. The first offer is the best as you can get a free bet of say £25 after making five £5 bets. This is good for those who don’t want to bet £25 in one go to get the standard matched bet. The second offer, is harder as the free bet you get is only on the average stake you make. This means that to get the £25 matched after five bets, you have to bet £25 each time!

Structured free bets are nice as they continuously reward you. An offer of this type might be “A matched bet on the first and every following three bets up to £100”. So with this type of offer you are getting free bets for some time after you join. The only disadvantage is that each of the free bets is smaller than one standard matched bet.

This is a new type of free bet that won’t actually be advertised as a free bet. Bookmakers will sometimes offer the free bet by doubling the odds of your first bet. So if a bet is listed as 2.0 (evens), you could get odds of 4.0 (3/1) with the enhanced introductory offer. This type of bet is effectively like a matched bet where you bet X amount and get it doubled.