Hidden Free Bets

Published: September 27, 2013
Last Updated: January 8, 2024

When is a Free Bet Not a Free Bet?

At Big Free Bet we love a free bet, especially a big one! But sometimes there can be a bit of a twist on the standard free or matched bet

The Hidden Free Bet: How does it work?

Referred to as a hidden free bet, this promotion will increase your potential returns and reward you by doubling the odds of your initial wager. So once you have registered for an online account and opted-in, you can select a preferred bet from one of the eligible markets and the bookmaker will inflate the listed odds and potentially reward you with more bang for your buck.

OK, we hear you say, but how is this a free bet promotion?

Well, if you imagine that a traditional matched or free bet is typically a 100% bonus that doubles your original wager (and potential returns), the hidden bet actually achieves a similar outcome simply by doubling your initial odds. If both promotions are used successfully, you will double your winnings with the only difference being the use of variable mechanics and methods.

The Last Word

It is also important to note that while the standard free bet requires you to place two wagers, this option enables you to potentially double your returns with one transaction. This may be advantageous, as you only need to correctly forecast one outcome to be successful.

Of course there are limitations on the starting odds and bet limits, and these vary according to each online bookmaker. This promotion is also unlikely to be marketed as a free bet, but keep your eyes peeled as it makes for an interesting variation on the standard matched wager that is commonplace on the market.