Structured Free Bets

Published: September 27, 2013
Last Updated: January 3, 2020


What is the Structured Free Bet and is it Right for you?

If you are a frequenter of online casinos, you will probably be familiar with structured deposit match bets. These typically see new registrants rewarded with a 100% bonus on the first deposit that they make, followed by 50% on the second and 25% on the third.

This is a popular bonus as it continuously rewards regular players, and we are now starting to see a similar promotion enter the world of sportsbook betting. The structured free bet works in a similar way to the aforementioned deposit match, and it has been designed to help bookmakers retain customers in a competitive market.

How exactly do Structured Free Bets work?

In simple terms, structured free bets are based on the traditional matched bets that are commonly found online, where bookmakers will match an initial stake up to a predetermined value. This offer may take the form of a matched bet on the first three bets that you place up to £100, for example, so that you are continuously rewarded beyond your opening wager.

While this is a relatively novel feature of online betting and one that engages you beyond your initial bet, it does have some disadvantages. Generally, the threshold will be lower than a typical matched bet due to the nature of them offering multiple offers.

Similarly, rollover conditions may also have specific terms, which may require you to play the bonus on more than one occasion before you can make a withdrawal.

Is this Promotion right for you?

The key is to pay attention to the specific limitation and rollover terms associated with each individual offer that you come across, while also determining whether three smaller wagers or a larger, single bet is more suited to your philosophy as a punter.