Paddy Power Beat The Drop – Answer Questions To Try Win £1,000,000!

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I wonder if you can guess which TV show Paddy Power got the idea for this promotion? The concept is to begin with your cash pot and then work backwards by answering questions and selecting how much of your pot you risk with each response. You begin with the total winnings and then choose how much you give away based on how confident you are about your responses.

Paddy Power Beat The Drop Explained

All new customers are going to get unlimited going for 30 days (you can only play one game at a time, if you can re-enter within thirty days each time a game finishes). That gives you a £ 1,000 starting pot. You then have to answer 10 questions, as you can see in the examples below, each round provides you with a choice of two questions to answer. If you are new to this bookmaker you can check out the brilliant welcome deals Paddy Power has to offer!

Choose how much of your pot you want to risk on the outcome, depending on how confident you are and how much cash you want to risk, this could be the entire £ 1,000 on one answer right down to a £500 split on each. Once the result of the first question is known, the amount you bet on the response will be returned to you. Using the screenshot example, I did a £ 1,000 split on Tottenham not to score first, and £ 0 to score first on them. I get £1,000 to use on the next question if they don’t score first, if I don’t get £0 and I’m out–but I can join a fresh match now which will be 30 days away.

Note that before you even think about it halving the amount each time will leave you with less than £ 1 at the end, so it’s not worth the effort just playing the probabilities and halving each time.

If you answer your 10 questions very confidently and you get them all right then you bagged a cool £ 1,000 in money for yourself. However, the likelihood of this happening is very low so you might want to split your cash a bit along the way, especially when you don’t feel super confident about the outcome.

Purchasing Tickets

Once you’ve completed free matches after the first thirty days, you can now purchase tickets to re-enter if you want. At this point, the game becomes more flexible, you can vary the number of tickets you purchase up to a maximum of £50 worth of tickets on the game. If you choose a £50 ticket and answer 16 questions correctly the prize will be a massive £ 1,000,000, which will depreciate as you decrease the number of questions and/or the amount of stake. With 2 questions, the lowest ticket and pot amount is £2, giving a £ 7 award.

The maximum you can win is £1,000,000 cash and tickets are valid for 60 days once entered, i.e. you have 60 days to complete your questions, you can obviously not move on to the next question until the last one is settled, otherwise, you wouldn’t know how big the pot you had left was. Any money remaining at the end of the match will be credited as withdrawable funds to your account.

Other main conditions apply, as it is possible to play only one game at a time at the moment. Before you first play the game, make sure you read the main conditions.

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