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If you are looking for Paddy Power Free Bets then we’ve got the current promo for October 2019 listed right here.

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New customers only, limited to one per person. If you’ve previously had a Paddy Power account, you will not qualify for the offer. Place your FIRST bet on any Sportsbook market and if it loses we will refund your stake in CASH. Max refund for this offer is

Paddy Power Free Bets October 2019

Irish based bookmaker Paddy Power is a well-known bookmaker. Much of this can be attributed to their massive amount of humorous advertising. However a lot of their success is a testament to the great range of Paddy Power free bets that are offered on a consistent basis. Below we have taken a look at some of the best promotions available to Paddy Power customer in 2019. We think you will agree that Paddy Power Offers are some of the best out there.

Paddy Power New Customer Offer – £10 Risk Free Bet

The current welcome bonus available to new customers at Paddy Power is the £10 Risk free bet. Simply open an account using Paddy Power Promo Code YSKA00 to qualify for the offer. Once you then deposit and place £10 in the sportsbook your bet will be refunded as CASH! This means you literally cannot lost. Just be aware that bets placed using any method other than Card or Paypal will not qualify for this offer.

Paddy Power Welcome Offer – Casino

As is the case with lots of online Casino platforms, the welcome bonus at Paddy Power is pretty big and offers customers a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit up to £200. Please do not deposit via E-Wallets as you will not qualify for this offer. It is also worth noting that to make the bonus withdrawable you are required to wager the amount x35. Games can contribute differently so please see below for more information.

  • Slots (excluding double-up options) 100%
  • Arcade, scratchcards, fixed odds games (excluding Spin A Win/Lucky Wheel 100%
  • Roulette (All Varieties excluding Zero Roulette)  50%
  • Card Games (All excluding Red Dog, Casino Hold’em, Casino War & Wild Vikings)  25%
  • Blackjack (All excluding Pontoon, Surrender, Switch, Zero & Stravaganza)  25%
  • Sic Bo 0%
  • Craps  0%
  • Video Poker 0%
  • Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Red Dog, Spin A Win/Lucky Wheel, Casino War,
  • Casino Hold’Em, Wild Vikings & Stravaganza 0%
  • Zero Games, Blackjack Surrender & all double options on Slots, Video Poker 0%
  • Live Casino Games 0%

Paddy Power Free Bet Existing Customers

The Promotions section at Paddy Power has a huge range of promotions that result in Paddy Power Free Bets. Below we have taken a look some of the most eye-catching.

Get A Free Bet Up To £10 & A Power Up Each Week

This offer is a great way to regularly receive free bets and it works in three separate ways. This When placing a bet of £5 at minimum odds of 1.5 you will receive a Paddy Power Up the following Monday. This is essentially an odds enhancement. Placing 5 bets of £5+ will result in you receiving not only a Power Up but also a £5 free bet that can be used on anything in the sportsbook. Finally, If you place 5 bets of £10+ you will receive a free bet of £10 each week along with the power up.  To receive such a consistent amount of free bets for what is not a massive stake is pretty rare and helps Paddy Power to stand out from the crowd.

Free Bet If One Leg Of Your 4-Fold+ Acca Or Same Game Multi Loses

Another way to receive a Paddy Power free bet is if one leg of you acca lets you down. Your acca must have at least four selections at odds of ⅕ or greater. No Opt-in is required for this offer and the maximum free bet received is £10.

Get Paid Out Early If Your Team Goes 2 Up

This is a great offer, particularly for those betting with larger stakes. During all Champions League, English Premier League and La Liga games up to June, your bet will be paid out once your team goes 2 goals clear. It does not then matter what the final score is.  Considering the maximum payout on this is all the way up to £2500 this is an offer worth taking advantage of.

The Paddy Power promotions in now way end there and there are numerous other ways to get a free bet. Most of these are Paddy Power Money back special which currently include:

  • A £20 free bet every time you refer a friend
  • Money back as a free bet if Aubameyang scores in the Europa League Final
  • Money back as a free bet if Mane scores in the Champions League final
  • Money back as a free bet if a darts match ends in a draw
  • Money back as a free bet if your greyhound finishing second to the SP Favourite
  • Money back as a free bet if one leg og your 4+ NBA Acca lets you down.

So as you can see there are tons of promotions. In fact in the first 20 days of May alone Paddy Power had given away £738,725 in free bets! You can see why they are many people’s bookmaker of choice. Just always be sure to check out the Paddy Power Free Bet Rules before getting stuck into some of these great offers.

How To Use Free Bets On Paddy Power?

Using free bets at Paddy Power could not be easier. Once you have qualified for an offer the Free Bet will appear separate from your account balance within the same section of the website or app.

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