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Are you looking for the best Fitzdares Cheltenham free bets for 2024? If so, then look no further. Fitzdares is one of the leading online sports betting sites in the UK, and they have some great offers available this year. With their top-notch customer service and fantastic odds, there’s something to suit everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these promotions special, how to sign up with them and claim your offer, plus all of the terms & conditions that come along with it. We’ll also provide tips on ensuring you get the most out of your Cheltenham bet and restrictions that may be applied by Fitzdares when placing bets. So keep reading if you want to learn more about taking advantage of Fitzgerald’s amazing offers.

Best Fitzdares Cheltenham Free Bets 2024

Fitzdares is one of the most prominent online sports betting sites in the United Kingdom. They recently made some exciting announcements regarding their promotions for the year 2024, such as increased odds on a number of races at the Cheltenham Festival.

Punters can take advantage of various specials and promotions thanks to these offers, including non-runner no bet (NRNB), best odds guaranteed (BOG), extra places, faller insurance, money back specials, and more.

Did You Know?

Fitzdares is a premier online sportsbook offering competitive prices and generous welcome bonuses. Signing up is quick and easy, and customers can take advantage of offers such as NRNB, BOG, extra places, faller insurance etc. Remember to read the terms & conditions carefully before claiming any promotions.

Who Are Fitzdares Sportsbook?

Fitzdares Ltd is a sports betting platform that allows users to bet on various sporting events. Balthazar Fabricius formed Fitzdares on the premise that traditional bookmaking and customer service practices were vanishing in a field that was becoming more impersonal. In light of this, they initially offered a conventional private telephone service before becoming the first bookmaker to provide text betting.

In 2016, they purchased Sunderlands, and 2018 saw the public debut of their mobile betting app; this has allowed them to reach a larger group of app only users while preserving their conventional Private Office service. As a result, we are now uniquely positioned to meet the betting needs of everyone and anybody.

The platform also offers exclusive promotions and bonuses for its customers. These include free bets when you sign up and enhanced odds on specific markets throughout the year. In addition, Fitzdares also runs regular competitions where customers can win prizes such as tickets to live matches or money-can’t-buy experiences at major sporting events.

Regarding customer service, Fitzdares prides itself on providing excellent support through its dedicated team of professionals available 24/7 via phone or email. Customers can also take advantage of their comprehensive FAQ section, which covers everything from account registration to depositing funds into your account.

Fitzdares is fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, so customers can be sure they are playing safely and securely when using their services. In addition, all transactions are encrypted using SSL technology, ensuring that all personal data remains secure. In contrast, banking details remain confidential between parties involved in any transaction made through Fitzdares’ website or app.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of betting with Fitzdares.

Quick Facts

Fitzdares is a leading sports betting platform offering an extensive range of markets, exclusive promotions and bonuses, and 247 customer service. They are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority to ensure customers play safely and securely. Customers can also benefit from their comprehensive FAQ section.

Benefits of Betting with Fitzdares

Betting with Fitzdares provides customers with several benefits that can help them make the most out of their sports betting experience. Enhanced Odds are one of the key benefits, as they allow customers to get higher returns on their bets than other bookmakers offer. This means that customers have a better chance of winning big when placing their bets with Fitzdares.

Free Bets

Free Bets are also available for those who sign up and deposit funds into their account. Customers can use these free bets to place wagers without using any money from their pockets. Additionally, special offers are available throughout the year, giving customers more chances to win more money, receive bonuses for playing certain games, or place specific types of bets.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another great benefit that comes along with betting at Fitzdares. The customer service team is always ready and willing to answer questions and provide assistance whenever needed, making it easier for players to understand how the site works and take advantage of all its features to maximise profits while minimising losses.

Secure Payments

Secure Payment Options are also provided so customers can feel safe when depositing funds into their accounts or withdrawing winnings from them. In addition, all transactions made through Fitzdares’ website are encrypted using SSL technology, ensuring complete security during online gambling activities conducted through this platform.

Competitive Odds

Fitzdares also offers competitive odds compared to other bookmakers in the industry, giving players an edge over others when it comes time for them to place wagers on different sporting events happening worldwide each day. This allows customers to maximise their profits while minimising losses and gives them a better chance of winning big when placing bets with Fitzdares.

Betting with Fitzdares offers a range of advantages, from competitive odds to exclusive promotions. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can start with Fitzdares.

Quick Facts

Fitzdares provides customers with several benefits that make sports betting more profitable, including enhanced odds, free bets, customer support, secure payment options and competitive odds.

How to Sign Up for Fitzdares

Signing up for Fitzdares is straightforward. All you need to do is create an account with the website. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Register’ button at the top of their homepage or through one of their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Once registered, customers can access exclusive offers available only at Fitzdares. These include free bets, enhanced odds and other promotions unavailable elsewhere. Customers can also take advantage of special events like Cheltenham Festival, where they can get even more value from their bets.

To ensure your registration process goes smoothly, it’s important to provide accurate information when signing up for a new account with Fitzdares. This includes your name, address and date of birth, which will be used to verify your identity before you start betting with them. Additionally, customers must agree to abide by all terms and conditions set out on the site’s Terms & Conditions page before successfully completing their registration process.

Fitzdares also requires customers to deposit funds into their accounts before placing any bets on sporting events or races worldwide. The minimum amount required varies depending on what type of bet you’re placing but typically starts from £10 per transaction. However, some promotions may require higher deposits than this to qualify for certain bonuses or rewards points schemes offered by Fitzdares itself or its partners/affiliates.

Signing up for Fitzdares is a quick and easy, so take advantage of their Cheltenham offers. Now let’s look at how you can claim these offers.

Signing Up

Signing up for Fitzdares is easy. Customers must provide accurate information when registering, agree to the terms and conditions, and deposit funds into their accounts before placing bets. They can also take advantage of exclusive offers such as free bets, enhanced odds and Cheltenham Festival promotions.

How to Claim The Offers

Claiming Fitzdares Cheltenham offers is easy. To get started, you’ll need to create an account with Fitzdares. You can do this by visiting their website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be ready to deposit into your new account so that you can start placing bets.

To take advantage of any betting offers from Fitzdares during Cheltenham Festival week, head over to their Promotions page, where all current offers will be listed in detail along with terms & conditions associated with each offer. Then, click on the promotion that interests you most and follow any instructions to activate it within your account before placing any qualifying bets according to its terms & conditions.

Once activated within your account balance, it’s time to place qualifying bets for them to count towards fulfilling wagering requirements associated with each promotion if applicable (this information should also be clearly stated when claiming an offer). Qualifying bets may include single or multiple bet types such as win/place markets or accumulators, depending on which promotion has been chosen – again, check full details prior to activation just in case there are restrictions placed upon certain bet types not being eligible for bonus rewards etc.

Finally, once all wagering requirements have been met, any bonus rewards due will automatically appear within players’ accounts, allowing them access to these funds immediately after meeting all criteria set out by Fitzdares during Cheltenham Festival week. Therefore, remember these great opportunities while betting throughout this exciting period.

Claiming the offers is easy and straightforward – read through the terms and conditions to ensure you understand what you agree to before proceeding.

Important Thought

Fitzdares Cheltenham offers are easy to claim and include bonus rewards such as free bets. To get started, create an account and deposit funds, choose a promotion from the Promotions page and place qualifying bets according to its terms & conditions. 

Upon meeting all criteria set out by Fitzdares during Cheltenham Festival week, bonus rewards will be credited automatically into your account balance.

Terms and Conditions

When claiming any Fitzdares Cheltenham offers, it is vital to understand their terms and conditions. All promotions are subject to a minimum deposit requirement, which must be met before you can take advantage of the offer. Additionally, all wagers placed using bonus funds must meet certain wagering requirements for winnings to be withdrawn.

Fitzdares also reserves the right to limit or restrict access to its promotional offers without prior notice. As a result, players may not always have access to all available promotions when they visit their website or mobile app. It is, therefore, important for players to check back regularly to ensure they don’t miss out on any great deals.

Players should also note that some bonuses may only be valid for specific types of bets or sports markets. For example, if a promotion only applies to horse racing bets, it must be considered when placing your wager(s). Similarly, there may also be restrictions on how much you can stake per bet as part of an offer, so please make sure you read through all terms and conditions carefully before placing your bet(s).

Finally, Fitzdares reserves the right at its sole discretion (and without prior notification) to exclude customers from participating in promotions if they fail to comply with these Terms & Conditions or if we suspect fraudulent activity has occurred during gameplay. Therefore, players must familiarise themselves with our rules and regulations before taking part in any promotional activities offered by us.

It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any offer before placing a bet. Now, let’s look at some tips for making the most out of your Fitzdares Cheltenham Offer.

Important Thought

Fitzdares Cheltenham offers require players to meet certain conditions, such as a minimum deposit requirement and wagering requirements. Additionally, they may be limited or restricted at any time without prior notice, so it is important to check back regularly. Finally, fraudulent activity may result in exclusion from promotions.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Cheltenham Offer

Research is key in making the most out of your Fitzdares Cheltenham offers. Before placing a bet, take some time to research the horses and players involved in the race. Look into their past performances, any injuries they may have sustained, and their current form. This will help you decide which horse or player has the best chance of winning.

It’s also important to keep up with news related to sports betting in general and specific events like Cheltenham races. Staying informed about changes in regulations or new promotions can help you get more value from your bets. Additionally, following experts specialising in sports betting can give you insight into strategies that could benefit your wagers.

When placing a bet at Fitzdares, consider taking advantage of promotional offers such as free bets or enhanced odds on certain races or horses/players. These types of promotions are designed to incentivise customers and offer them additional value for their money – so don’t miss out.

Finally, remember that there is no guarantee when it comes to sports betting; even if all signs point towards one outcome more likely than another does not mean it will happen every time. So be sure not to put too much money down on any single bet; instead, spread your wagers across multiple outcomes so that if one loses, you still have other chances of winning something back. Good luck.

Following these tips can maximise your profits and get the most out of your Cheltenham offer. However, there are certain restrictions to be aware of when taking advantage of Fitzdares promotions, so let’s look at those next.

Notable Cheltenham Races

There are several big races taking place during the Cheltenham Festival, such as Champion Hurdle (Grade 1), Queen Mother Champion Chase (Grade 1), Gold Cup Steeplechase (Grade 1), plus many more exciting events throughout week long event held annually in March or April each year.

Now let’s take a closer look at who Fitzdares are and what they offer.

Restrictions on Fitzdares Cheltenham Promotions

Fitzdares Cheltenham promotions come with some restrictions. Before claiming any offer or promotion, therefore, it is important to read all terms and conditions.

One of the most common restrictions is that offers may only be available to new customers or existing customers who have not placed a bet in the last 30 days. If you are an existing customer, you will need to wait at least 30 days after placing your last bet before being eligible for certain promotions.

Another restriction on Fitzdares Cheltenham promotions is that they may only be valid for certain types of bets, such as single bets, accumulators, or virtual sports betting markets. If you attempt to place a bet outside these categories, it won’t count towards your promotion eligibility and could result in forfeiting any winnings.

In addition, there may also be limits on how much money can be wagered when using promotional offers from Fitzdares Cheltenham. For example, some offers might require players to wager no more than £50 per day, while others might limit total stakes over a given period (e.g., one week).

Finally, there are usually minimum odds requirements associated with Fitzdares Cheltenham promotions. This means that players must meet specific criteria regarding the odds they choose for their bets to qualify for bonuses or other rewards the bookmaker offers. Generally speaking, these requirements tend to range between 1/2 and 4/5 depending on the promotion offered at any given time, so it is important to check them out before placing your bets.

It is important to be aware of the restrictions when placing bets with Fitzdares Cheltenham Promotions so that you can ensure your bets are placed in accordance with their terms and conditions. So now, let’s look at what types of bets you can place with Fitzdares.

Understand The Terms

Fitzdares Cheltenham promotions come with restrictions, such as only being available to new customers or existing customers who have not placed a bet in the last 30 days, limits on how much money can be wagered and minimum odds requirements.

What Types of Bets Can I Place With Fitzdares?

Fitzdares is a leading online sports betting provider, allowing customers to place bets on a wide range of sporting events. With Fitzdares, you can take advantage of various types of bets and offers, such as single bets, multiple bets, accumulators and more.

Single Bets

Single bets are the most common type of bet available with Fitzdares. These involve placing one bet on an event or outcome that you think will happen. For example, if you were betting on a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool, then you could place a single bet predicting which team would win the game.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets involve placing several different wagers at once to increase your chances of winning. This could include making two separate predictions for the same game or combining several selections from different games into one overall bet.

For instance, if you wanted to make three predictions about upcoming Premier League matches, you could combine them into one multiple bet by selecting all three teams to win their respective matches to increase your potential returns should they all come through successfully.


Accumulators are similar to multiple bets but involve adding several individual selections over time rather than just making them all at once, like multiples. Each selection must be successful before any returns can be made from the accumulator. So it’s important not to get too carried away when building up an accumulator. 

For example, suppose five Premier League fixtures took place over consecutive weekends. In that case, you could add each team’s prediction onto your accumulator as they play out until eventually reaching five correct picks for maximum return potential (assuming they all come off).

In Play Betting

In play betting allows customers to place wagers while events are taking place live rather than having to wait until after they have finished, like with pre-match markets. This makes it easier for punters who want more control over their decisions during games or races etc., without worrying about missing out due to being too slow off the mark. 

Cash Out

You can also use ‘cash out’ options where available to stop yourself from losing money should things start going against your original prediction mid-game/race etc., giving greater flexibility when managing risk levels across different types of events/markets etc.

Live Streaming

Live streaming services allow customers access to real-time video feeds directly from sporting venues worldwide, enabling them to watch games unfold while simultaneously placing wagers on outcomes within those games using Fitzdare’s platform. This is perfect for anyone looking for even more excitement when gambling online.

Did You Know?

Fitzdares offers a range of betting options, including single bets, multiple bets, accumulators and in-play betting. Customers can also access live streaming services for real-time video feeds from sporting venues worldwide. 

With Fitzdares, you have greater control over your decisions during games or races and the flexibility to manage risk levels across different events markets.


Fitzdares Cheltenham offers for 2024 are a great way to get the most out of your betting experience. With its wide range of free bets, generous promotions and easy signup process, Fitzdares is an ideal choice for those looking to make the most out of their Cheltenham experience.

However, it’s important to remember that all promotions come with terms and conditions attached, so be sure to read these carefully before signing up or claiming any offer. Finally, taking advantage of Fitzdares’ various types of bets, you can maximise your chances of success when it comes time to place your wagers on the big race day.

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