Bet £X, get £Y Free Bet Offers

Published: September 27, 2013
Last Updated: January 8, 2024


Bet £10, Get £20 Free: How does this type of Wager work?

If you are new to online betting, you may well find yourself lost and confused amid a myriad of promotions and innovative bonuses. From 100% matched bets to deposit bonuses, attempting to select the right promotional offer for you is akin to seeking a golden needle in a sun-kissed haystack.

If anything, the range of available promotions is becoming even larger and more diverse, while the generosity of online bookmakers is also growing in an increasingly competitive market. The latest trend has seen the introduction of 200% bet matches, which doubles your stake and available capital after you have placed an initial wager.

How does this type of bet work?

While this may sound simple enough, it is the way in which it is advertised that may confuse some. This offer is typically framed as ‘bet X, and get Y free’, while it is not instantly recognised as a matched bet as these are typically capped at 100%.

If we consider it in context, however, it becomes far easier to understand. If you are presented with an offer of ‘bet £10 and get £20 free’, for example, you are required to open an account and place an initial wager to the value of the qualifying amount. At this point, the bookmaker will match the bet, using standard terms and conditions while increasing the bonus on offer to a hefty 200%.

To make matters even more confusing, this is often referred to as a ‘200% bonus’ with no reference made to the terms or the fact that it is in fact a matched-bet promotion. The rules of this offer tend to be exactly the same as a traditional matched bet however, meaning that it will be subject to specified rollover terms and you will likely have to play the bonus on more than occasion in order to withdraw your winnings.

And Finally

This type of bonus is increasingly popular at present, while it is following a similar trend that has been seen in deposit matches over the last 18 months. More specifically, top online bookmakers are increasingly keen to offer matches of 200% and 400%, in order to compete more aggressively within the marketplace.

Make no mistake, the type of wager featured here is a matched bet, and not to be confused with a deposit match or a generic, unconditional bonus offer. This means that you will have to open an account and make a bet to opt-in and become eligible for the bonus, while your original wager must also be equal to the value of the qualifying amount (and no larger).

While these wagers are very tempting, but of course it is well worth scouring the market for the best betting offers available, checking the terms and conditions which suit you.