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Founded in 1988 the Superbike World Championship which is also known as the SBK, WSB or WSBK is the most popular racing championship for superbike fans, riders and manufacturers. The Superbike Championships consist of a riders championship and a manufacturers championship.

Often confused with MotoGP the World Superbike Championship is a completely different event to the MotoGP event. The biggest difference is that a Superbike is typically a modified version of a motorbike you can ride on the street.

The bulk of the racing for the World Superbike Championship is done in Europe and runs for 9 months of the year. The format of the sport is similar to many motorsports in that each individual race is contested at a different track, the winner of the race is awarded point for finishing in positions 1 – 15. The winner of an individual event is awarded 25 points and the rider finishing in 15th place is awarded 1 point.

There are 13 events in total with the winner being the rider that has accumulated the most points of the 13 events.

Most of the motorcycle racing involving Superbikes are at European tracks but there are events held in the United States, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Qatar so like MotoGP it has a worldwide appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between MotoGP & Superbike Racing?

The MotoGP has 19 Grand Prix races and features bikes what are not road legal. Superbikes, on the other hand, are road legal bikes and rider compete in 13 events.