Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase

brown advisory novices chase

The Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, historically known as the RSA Chase, stands as a pinnacle event within the Cheltenham Festival, a noted highlight in the horse racing calendar. As a pivotal race for novice chasers, the event sets the stage at the prestigious meeting, showcasing the potential stars of future National Hunt racing.

The race unfolds over an approximate distance of 3 miles, incorporating nineteen to twenty challenging fences. This tests the endurance and agility of participating horses aged five years or older.

On the second day of the Cheltenham Festival, the air buzzes with anticipation as the Novices’ Chase approaches. This prominent event serves as a crucial test for the participating novices, hinting at which among them might ascend to become legends like the celebrated Arkle or the formidable Minnehoma.

With your keen interest, you have the chance to witness the making of history as these horses race over the Old Course. They are charting a path that could lead them to becoming the revered champions of tomorrow.

Understanding Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase

Before diving into the history and present structure of the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, know that this prestigious race has become a critical stepping stone towards the Gold Cup. Held annually at the Cheltenham Racecourse as part of the Cheltenham Festival, it poses a formidable challenge for young, aspiring jumping horses.

History and Significance

The RSA Novices’ Chase, known today as the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase due to sponsorship, is steeped in history. As a Grade 1 National Hunt chase, it remains an exclusive event for novice jumping horses five years and older.

Often viewed as a proving ground for potential Gold Cup contenders, the likes of Minella Indo and trainers such as Willie Mullins have all etched their names into its lore. This race not only tests the mettle of emerging talents but also signals future stars in steeplechase horseracing.

Race Profile and Characteristics

The race profile of the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase at Cheltenham can be summarised as follows:

  • Distance: Approximately 3 miles
  • Fences: 20
  • Age requirement: Horses must be 5 years or older
  • Race Type: Grade 1 National Hunt steeplechase
  • Notable Feature: Part of the Cheltenham Festival Races

The Cheltenham Racecourse’s old course sets the stage for this pivotal challenge during the Cheltenham Festival’s second day, known as the Festival Novices’ Chase. As you watch, you’ll see horses and jockeys navigate a gruelling 3-mile course punctuated by 20 jumps. This race distinguishes itself as not just a test of stamina and speed, but also of agility and strategy. Success in this race hints at a promising future, potentially leading to triumphs in events like the illustrious Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Key Figures in Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase

This part of the article sheds light on the distinguished individuals and horses who have left their mark on the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, a significant event in National Hunt racing.

Notable Jockeys and Trainers

Certain jockeys and trainers become synonymous with races because of their expertise and consistent success. Within the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, Willie Mullins—often abbreviated as W P Mullins—ranks as a trainer of high regard, responsible for shaping numerous champions.

Henry De Bromhead and Gordon Elliott also emerge as trainers with formidable records, having prepared horses that triumph in the gruelling test of stamina and jumping ability the Chase presents.

Combined with exceptional training, the skill of a jockey proves critical. Ruby Walsh stood out among his peers with victories that showcase his tactical acumen and deep understanding of the Cheltenham course.

Adept jockeys like Barry Geraghty have also left a distinct mark in the history of the chase, demonstrating time and again their ability to coax the best out of their rides.

Legendary Horses

The historical landscape of the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase features horses that have attained legendary status. Their performances in this prestigious race not only set them apart but also contribute to the fabric of the event’s lore.

Presenting Percy, under the guidance of trainer Pat Kelly, displayed remarkable prowess in 2018. Lord Windermere and Rule Supreme are past champions who have surged past their competitors to etch their names in the race’s annals, reflecting the calibre of horses the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase attracts.

Gerri Colombe emerges as a promising horse capturing the public’s attention with potential for future success in this category. Such horses not only secure wins but also strengthen their trainers’ and jockeys’ reputations with each victory.

2018Presenting PercyPat KellyDavy Russell
2014Lord WindermereJim CullotyRob Culloty
2004Rule SupremeWillie MullinsDavid Casey

Betting on Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase

Betting on the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase offers a range of options, with odds reflecting the chances of each runner’s potential to become the winner. Understanding these betting dynamics ensures informed decisions during the Cheltenham Festival.

Understanding Odds and Bets

When you bet on the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, the odds indicate a horse’s likelihood of success.

Favourable odds mean a greater chance to win but typically come with lower returns. Conversely, longer odds indicate an outsider with higher potential winnings.

Bookmakers like Paddy Power provide odds in fractional format. For example, 5/1 means you win £5 for every £1 staked, plus your original stake back, if your pick wins. Common bets include:

  • Win Bet: You bet on a horse to finish first.
  • Each-Way Bet: You bet on a horse to place, which usually means finishing in the top three or four.

Free Bet Offers and Promotions

During the Cheltenham Festival, bookmakers frequently offer promotions such as Free Bets or Betting Bonuses to attract new customers and reward existing ones.

For example, when you place a certain number of bets, you could receive a free bet bonus. These betting offers enhance your betting experience by providing additional opportunities to bet without touching your bankroll.

Keep an eye out for special Cheltenham Tips that can inform your wagering choices. Remember to check the terms of these offers, as they will dictate how and when you can use your bonuses.

Other Noteworthy Cheltenham Races

Besides the Brown Advisory Chase, the Cheltenham Festival hosts a variety of prominent races that captivate spectators year after year. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the most celebrated events.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

The Cheltenham Gold Cup stands as the pinnacle event of the Festival, typically occurring on the final day. This Grade 1 race spans over 3 miles 2½ furlongs and is a test of both speed and stamina, marking the peak for the best steeplechasers in the field.

Grade 1 Championships

The Festival boasts several Grade 1 contests, including the Champion Hurdle and the Queen Mother Champion Chase.

These races represent the highest level of competition, with the Champion Hurdle covering 2 miles ½ furlong and the Champion Chase, also over 2 miles, presenting a tough challenge for the speediest chasers.

  • Champion Hurdle: Showcases elite hurdlers across 2 miles.
  • Queen Mother Champion Chase: Sees top two-mile chasers vie for supremacy.
  • Ryanair Chase: Offers a middle-distance challenge over 2 miles 4½ furlongs.

Prominent Handicap Chases

Handicap chases are essential parts of the Cheltenham Festival, adding a layer of unpredictability where horses carry different weights.

One such race, the Ultima Handicap Chase, spans over 3 miles 1 furlong, and often serves as a proving ground for competitors aiming at the Grand National.

Each race detailed contributes to the rich tapestry of the Cheltenham Festival, ensuring there is a match for every racing preference, from the sprinting Champion Chase to the enduring Gold Cup.

Preparing for Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival beckons, as anticipation builds for the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase. This race represents a pinnacle of achievement for novice chasers and requires rigorous preparation.

Tips and Strategies

Before heading to Cheltenham Racecourse, familiarise yourself with tips and strategies to fully enjoy the Race.

Analyse past performances of the 12 Winners, such as the notable Envoi Allen, mentored by skilled jockeys like Paul Townend and Davy Russell.

Observe track conditions and horse selections for insight into potential outcomes. Consider horses like Easy Game that have shown promise under these jockeys. Here are some tips:

  • Review past races at Cheltenham to understand the course dynamics.
  • Note the trainers and jockeys with successful track records, as their strategies often bear fruit.

Notable Achievements

Focus on the achievements setting Cheltenham apart, like the success of certain stables or the rise of talented novice chasers. Envoi Allen represents a success story to watch, having won hearts with stellar performances.

Consider the following table summarising the past glory under the promising hands of champions such as Townend and Russell:

2023Current ChampionPaul Townend
2022Previous WinnerDavy Russell
2021Notable NoviceAnother Champion

Take these achievements as a barometer for the prospects of upcoming contenders.

Each year, unique strategies and the performance on the day itself dictate the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RSA Chase currently known as?

The RSA Chase is currently referred to as the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase. The title reflects its latest sponsorship and is the designation under which it features at the Cheltenham Festival.

What are the typical characteristics of a novice chase in horse racing?

A novice chase typically involves younger horses that are new to steeplechasing—generally five years old or more.

These races test both the agility and endurance of these emerging talents over various distances and obstacles.

Who were the previous winners of the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase?

A novice chase typically involves younger horses that are new to steeplechasing—generally five years old or more.

These races test both the agility and endurance of these emerging talents over various distances and obstacles.

What factors should be considered when assessing the odds for the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase?

When examining the odds for the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase, it’s vital to consider the horses’ past performance, their aptitude over long distances, jumping ability, and how they have coped with similar conditions in previous races.


In the world of horse racing, The Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase stands as a significant event. It showcases the potential of young chasers poised for future success.

Previously known as the RSA Novices’ Chase, the race now carries the sponsorship of Brown Advisory.


The race represents an early test for a five-year-old or older chaser to demonstrate stamina and skill over the gruelling three miles at Cheltenham’s Old Course.

A win in this Grade 1 National Hunt chase hints at a potential future champion; some past winners have indeed claimed victory in the prestigious Cheltenham Gold Cup later in their careers.

Current Sponsorship

Since 2021, Brown Advisory took the reins of sponsorship, ensuring the continuity of this vital stepping stone for novice chasers.

The event remains a highly anticipated part of the Cheltenham Festival, celebrated on the second day, known as Ladies’ Day.

Historical Context

In the chase’s long history, the event has evolved. The sponsorship reflects not just commercial support but also the evolving narrative of equestrian sporting excellence.

List of recent sponsors:

  • Sun Alliance (1974–1996)
  • Royal & SunAlliance (1997–2008)
  • RSA Insurance Group (2009–2020)
  • Brown Advisory (2021—present)

Embrace this race as a spectator or a punter; you witness a key chapter in a young horse’s burgeoning race career.

Watch closely, as today’s chasers in the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase might well become tomorrow’s legends in the world of National Hunt racing.


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