Betfred Pick Your Punt – How Does It Work?

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Betfred offers new players some fantastic sign up offers plus ongoing promotions such as pick your punt which is very popular among football punters, find more out everything you need to know below.

How does Betfred Pick Your Punt Work?

Betfred PickYourPunt Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Log in your Twitter account
  2. Create your bet and type it into your message box
  3. Make sure you include the hashtag #PickYourPunt Send it to @Betfred
  4. Hit the Tweet button
  5. Wait for traders to price up and respond to you
  6. Follow the instructions for placing your bet on the odds offered
  7. Log into your account to place or register a new account to receive Betfred’s newest free bet offer

What is PickYourPunt Betfred?

With so many UK bookmakers now providing their own demand-a-bet style markets, you may wonder how to enter this phenomenon. These offers vary based on who you are betting with. Here we will look at the Betfred PickYourPunt and how players can use this fresh betting style to improve their betting experience.

Betfred #PickYourPunt provides you the chance to select and mix your own markets to create one bet. Once you have chosen which markets you would like to bet on, Betfred will price your options as a single bet.

Head to the website of the bookie to see which markets to use in combination with the offer. While some bookmakers give only football games to build their own bet, other sports are accessible with Betfred, depending on the time of the year.

There are possibilities to create your own bets on cricket, American Football and tennis, for instance, while football dominates this offer tab.

Nevertheless, you will need a Twitter account to use a bet function of the Betfred application.

Use the PickYourPunt hashtag to tweet your bet and then wait for the traders to send the odds back to you. If your offer is approved, with the odds indicated, you will receive a message back. Happy about the odds? Follow your bet placing instructions and place your stake.

The available PickYourPunt markets are also accessible on the site, so it’s definitely worth checking out before you ask for your own bets. Select the event on which you want to bet and search for the particular tab. Click on the odds and place your bet as normal if the bet selection you want is there. Usually, there is an enormous list of #PickYourPunt markets to choose from for the big popular games.

How Does Pick Your Punt Work?

PickYourPunt Example

So, would you like to bet on Betfred PickYourPunt? First, select the event you’d like to bet on. We will use Barcelona v Inter Milan in the Champions League in this instance.

As we mentioned earlier, it might be worth looking at the already priced Betfred #PickYourPunt markets. Click the game Barcelona v Inter Milan. Although these are generally listed at the top of the event page, you can either pick the choice from the dropdown menu.

Both Teams To Hit The Woodwork, Inter Milan To Score A Penalty and Either Side To Win and 3 Or More Goals In The Match are some of the markets already priced up.

If none of Betfred’s requests take your fancy from the markets, creating your own is simple. How about Barcelona hitting the woodwork twice and Messi scoring an incredible hatrick? Or Inter Milan to miss a penalty and Mauro Icardi to score in both halves?

Go to your Twitter page once you’ve decided which markets you’d like to merge. Use the hashtag #PickYourPunt to compose a tweet with your desired bet and send it to @Betfred. Once a price has been decided by the traders, they will answer you with the available odds. Then, whether to take the bet is up to you.

Note that Betfred requests bets up to five minutes before your selected event can be accepted. However, to be sure of a response, it is advisable to ask for your odds well in advance of the match.

What Sports Can You Bet On?

The Betfred PickYourPunt calendar is dominated by football, but the beautiful game isn’t the only sport with which you can make your own bet. Betfred lists the upcoming qualification events that you can see from the PickYourPunt tab every week.

There’s a range of tennis, American Football, darts and cricket games to bet on among the sports available. So, let’s say we saw Sri Lanka v England listed for their cricket tie for their One Day International. Head through the Sports menu to the Cricket tab and pick the game.

The variety of accessible present markets will then be shown. To see the latest requests, click the drop down menu and hit PickYourPunt. Choose a market from the list or go to Twitter to ask for your own odds on the bet.

Betfred #PickYourPunt markets may not occasionally be mentioned on the bet page. This might imply that no one has yet requested particular odds for that game, especially if you bet well ahead of the case.

Remember, whatever sport you want to bet on, use the Betfred #PickYourPunt option well ahead of the event. While Betfred says they can make a bet up to five minutes before the match begins, it may still take some time for the traders to pay up your request.

Special PickYourPunt offers are also available on occasion. For example, if they placed a bet on a Premier League match and it lost, a recent promotion saw Betfred offering customers money back on losing bets. Keep an eye on what’s new through the Promotions tab.

What Can You Bet On Football Markets?

Betfred PickYourPunt’s beauty is that any market you want can be combined or requested. So, Sergio Aguero fancy scoring twice and hitting the woodwork? Or Glenn Murray scored a penalty with over 5 yellow cards in the match in a 3-1 Brighton victory? You can build your bet with almost anything you think might happen in a match.

Take the darts to illustrate our point further. Gary Anderson is playing Say Michael van Gerwen. How about asking for both players to hit 3 180’s each and Gary Anderson to win? Use the Betfred #PickYourPunt hashtag to request your own options if you believe it’s a worthwhile bet and it’s not listed in the present markets available for that game.

In-Play Markets available?

There are presently in-play betting choices available for Betfred PickYourPunt. If you want to ask for your own odds, it will take you at least five minutes before your chosen event starts.

PickYourPunt Verdict

There are certainly good points in the Betfred version of a bet request. You can create any bet you want and request your odds directly from the traders as long as they are based on the Qualifying Events listed on the site.

Those of you without social media not particularly keen on using it might find it somewhat annoying to use Twitter. Having the capacity to request odds straight from the bookmaker site or build your own bet from a wide range of alternatives might make it simpler to request your own odds.

There are also no live in-play options offered as standard by other bookmakers.

That said, being able to use whatever markets your imagination allows you to develop your own bet is pretty special. PickYourPunt is well worth your time if you find it difficult to discover the markets you want.

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