Best Esports Betting Sites

One of the most rapidly growing areas of the online gambling industry is without doubt eSports. As a pastime they are increasing in popularity and that has correlated with their boom with the bookmakers. That said, it is still limited in relative terms.

Where Can I Find eSports Betting Markets?

Many of the most popular bookmakers in a range of countries including UK, USA and nations across Africa now have dedicated eSports sections to their website. In some cases bookmakers simply include eSports within the ‘Specials’ section of their sites where you will also find the opportunity to bet on Politics and Television shows.

Please be aware that due to eSports being a somewhat burgeoning business some bookmakers are yet to join the party. There is little doubt that at some point they all will. eSports are here to stay.

Limited Markets

As is regularly the case with new additions to the online gambling industry, markets on eSports are to this point relatively limited. The bookies currently focus on the major games and events that include FIFA, League of Legends and StarCraft II.

In some rare instances you may find bookmakers that offer markets on the qualifying events. These are typically found with the gambling powerhouses.

The type of markets are also quite basic to this point. Match Betting and Outright Winner are the usual markets that you find at this moment in time.