Virtual Sports Betting – A Modern Phenomenon

Virtual Sports Betting is arguably the most recent addition to the Online Sportsbook. One of the main attractions is the fact that you have continuous and instantaneous betting opportunities 24/7, 365 days of the year. The action can be viewed using impressive graphics and whilst match results are pre-meditated this is not to say they are unfair. Markets are skewed in a fair way and third parties continuously regulate this side of the industry to ensure everything is fair and transparent.

It is worth noting that Virtual Sports are totally different to eSports which we have other blogs on within this site. Virtual Sports Betting has absolutely no human influence and is 100% computer-generated. Results are dictated to by a fair and rigorous algorithm.

It is essentially on-demand betting with opportunities every 1-2 minutes and you are not required to watch the coverage of the bet if you do not want to.

Which Virtual Sports Can I Bet On?

Unsurprisingly most betting sites have invested in Virtual Sports have focused on the most popular sports to be on. These include Football, Motor Racing, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Tennis and even Cricket.

Market Availability

The markets available on Virtual Sports are extremely similar to those that you can bet on within the real world of sports betting. In terms of football you can place bets on match winner, handicap betting, first half betting, correct score etc. Sound familiar? You can often follow a full football season and tennis tournament from start to finish and the frequency with which these are held is impressive.

Horse Racing allows the typical markets as well as forecast and tri-casts available to bet on. Betting on horse racing and dogs does not include any form of the computer-generated horses in question. Then again, form is often thrown out of the window with this kind of betting. It may help if anything!

Virtual Betting Strategy

Like any area of betting, some systems have been proclaimed to make tidy profits regarding Virtual Betting.

But simply, all of these systems are the same as real life. You need to stick to the system, you need to gamble what you can afford, you should never chase your losses and you must realise there will be bad days as well as good ones. Nobody knows that outcome of the event, not even the bookmaker. It is a randomly generated algorithm.

Virtual Betting should be treated in an identical way to real-life opportunities. Some favourites win, many of them don’t. Some losers will seem unlucky and some will have a stroke of luck to garner profits. Just try and enjoy it!