No Deposit, Free Bets: How do they Work?

As numerous markets around the world continue to struggle in the wake of Brexit, the online gambling sector provides a glittering exception to this universal rule. In fact, the level of competition within this space continues to intensify with every passing quarter, which in turn is creating numerous opportunities for players both old and new.

One of the very best examples of this is the no deposit free bet, which until recently was a quite rare and generous promotional offer that delivered unconditional gaming capital for players. Now a number of online bookmakers are promoting this type of incentive, which of course is great for us!

What are no Deposit Free Bets and how do they Work?

As is usually the way with unconditional promotional offers, no deposit free bets are extremely rewarding and easy to understand. This is because they are free from many of the terms and conditions that bind similar promotional offers, aside from standard limitations and thresholds in terms of value.

In simple terms, a no deposit free bet bonus allows you to benefit from a complimentary wager without first being required to credit your account. Where deposit or bet matches require you to make an initial commitment or wager to opt in, the terms of this particular bonus are far more flexible. So when you sign up for an account during the time-frame of such an offer, your account will be credited instantly to the specified amount (as per the written terms).

Clearly this represents a form of risk-free betting, but as we have said there are some fundamental terms and limitation of how such a bonus can be used. The limitations applied to such an offer are usually low, for example, meaning that the free bet will rarely be larger than £5 or £10. Similarly, you may find that the bonus is the subject of a rollover requirement, meaning that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until the bonus has been played for a predetermined number of times.

How Lucrative is this type of Promotional Offer?

Similarly, you may also find that bookmakers apply minimum odds thresholds to the offer. This is particularly likely if the no deposit free bet that you are offered has a slightly higher value of £10 or more.

These terms of use must be considered carefully, as while they do not infringe upon your ability to claim your free bet they will impact on its capacity to deliver a viable return. The key thing to remember is that the bonus enables you to wager with entirely free capital, meaning that losing bets will not trigger a loss and even minimal returns will represent a profit. Just pay attention to any rollover requirements that are attributed to the offer, as these may not be suitable for casual or novice bettors.

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