No-Deposit Free Bets – Do we recommend them?

What are No-Deposit Free Bets?

As numerous markets around the world continue to struggle in the wake of Brexit, the online gambling sector provides a glittering exception to this universal rule. In fact, the level of competition within this space continues to intensify with every passing quarter, which in turn is creating numerous betting opportunities for players both old and new.

One of the very best examples of this is the no-deposit free bet, which until recently was a quite rare and generous promotional offer that delivered an unconditional free bet for players. Now a number of online bookmakers are promoting this type of incentive, which of course is great for us and our followers!

How do No-Deposit Free Bets Work?

With No-Deposit free bets, you usually just have to open an account with your selected bookmaker or sportsbook. Without depositing, you can then receive a special free bet – usually between £5 and £10. Deposit or matched bets require you to make an initial commitment or wager before claiming your free bet, so the no-deposit bonus turns this usual requirement on its head! Because of the rarity, if you see this type of bonus, it could be good to claim it as soon as possible.

The no-deposit free bet promotional offer seems very desirable and simple to claim, however, it’s important to fully understand how they work before trying to claim one.

Betting where you don’t have to deposit first may be considered risk free, but we have to consider the value to the bookmaker if you are going to bet with their money! Free bets are offered to attract you to bet with a particular company – They want to keep your custom after the initial bet, and it has to be lucrative for them as well. In light of this, no-deposit free bets and bonuses do have come with some limitations.

No-deposit free bet limitations

  • Usually low amount – £5-£10.
  • The £5-£10 is not usually included in any winnings.
  • You usually have to risk your winnings by rolling them over several times.

Is it worth claiming No-Deposit Free Bets?

If you are new to betting, it can be worth betting with no-deposit free bets and bonuses. Remember that it can be quite hard to withdraw your winnings after using the bet. However, if you intend on continuing to use the betting service anyway, why not use it!

In the end, it’s a no-deposit free bet, so risk-free. You won’t lose out if you want to claim one.

SkyBet currently offer a no-deposit bonus in 2017.

UniBet currenly offer a risk-free bet – a slightly different type of offer:


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