Comparing the 888 Sport Treble Odds Offer to other Free Bets

A Brief on Sportsbook Welcome Offers

As online betting becomes more competitive, bookmakers have to offer more attractive welcome offers and football bets to get you to join. Over the last few years, there’s been an evolution of free bets, in amount and type. A few years back, £10 100% matched free bets were popular, with £20 ones being extra generous. In 2016 it became popular to offer 200% matched bonuses, e.g. William Hill‘s bet £10, get £20 free bet offer.

(Note: In March 2017, the William Hill bonus upgrade to bet £10, get £30.)

While most bookmakers and sportsbooks were concentrating on how to offer you the best free bet, 888Sport took a different route! They started to offer treble odds on your first bet with them.

The rules are that if you bet between £5 and £10 (applicable to $ and € as well), your odds will be trebled on your bet selection.

Many may not consider this as a free bet, however, it’s what we like to refer to as a “hidden free bet“- a term we like to use when the offer turns out to be a free bet in the end.

As the 888Sport treble odds offer is paid out in free bets, you end up getting a free bet anyway after your first bet – just like many other sports welcome bonuses. The only caveat is that there is a bit more risk involved as if you don’t win your first bet, you don’t get any free bets. However, the advantage is that you have a possibility a bigger free bet than any other sportsbooks – much bigger!

Let’s compare the 888Sport welcome bonus with another popular offer – the William Hill: Bet £10, get £20 offer (2017).

How the 888Sport Offer Works

  • Bet a minimum of £5 and maximum of £10 on any market.
  • The profit from the bet is trebled (not the stake).
  • Your winnings are paid out in free bets.
  • You have 7 days to use your free bet credits.
  • The maximum free bet you are eligible to receive is £5000.
  • You only receive the profit from any bets made using the free bet tokens (not the free bet stake).

Example Bet at 888Sport

If we take the Chelsea vs Hull City full-time result as our example bet, we can see how the treble odds offer works.


Placing a £10 bet on the game at odds of 15/1 (fractional odds), we see that the normal returns would be £160 if the bet won (£150 profit and £10 stake back).

Now, if we treble the profit, we get a return of £450 + £10 stake equalling £460.

So, if your bet wins, you have a chance to get a very large free bet! As mentioned before, the maximum amount you can receive goes all the way to £5000.

As you only get the free bet if you win, you have to be cautious with your bet selection, however, if you do win, it will be worth it!

Note that you only get free bets paid out on the profit part of the bet. You can work this out using fractional odds rather than decimal, as decimal odds already include the stake.

I.E. 15/1 in decimal odds would be 16.0.

16.0 X £10 gives you the profit and stake together – £160. You have to remove the £10 from this before trebling it to calculate the treble odds profit.

How the William Hill Offer Works

  • Bet £10 and you will receive 2x £10 free bets.
  • Minimum odds on the qualifying bet must be greater than 1/2 (1.5).
  • You must use the promo code F20.
  • You have 30 days to use your free bets.
  • Only the profit part of the free bet is returned in winnings.

Example Bet at William Hill

If we take the Chelsea vs Hull City full-time result as our example bet, we can see how you would claim the William Hill free bet offer.


Placing the £10 bet on Chelsea at 1/5 qualifies you immediately for the bonus as the bet has odds of greater than 1/2. After placing the bet, the 2 free bet tokens should be added to your account.

Comparing the Two Offers

While both 888Sport and William Hill’s welcome offers are really good, which is the best?

Well, to answer that question we need to know how much risk you are willing to take.

Where the offers are similar

  • On each of the qualifying bets, you have to risk £10 (minimum £5 at 888) to qualify for the offer.
  • On both qualifying bets, you can lose your stake if the bet loses.

Where the offers differ

  • At William Hill, you are guaranteed £20 in free bets whether you win or lose your initial bet.
  • At 888Sport, if you lose your initial bet, you don’t get anything back.
  • William Hill’s offer gives you a payout of £20.
  • 888Sport’s offer gives you a payout of between £0 and £5000 depending on the outcome.
  • William Hill gives you 30 days to use up your free bets, while at 888Sport, you get a week.

Which Offer Should you go for?

So, after comparing the two welcome offers, we can give you some advice on which would be best for you.


Case 1: If are new to betting and want to take much less risk in claiming your welcome bonus, go with the William Hill offer. Find a bet with odds at least 1/2 (1.5) or just above. There is more chance of you winning your bet this way. You’ll be guaranteed to get two £10 free bets either way.

You can take a little more risk when using your free bets. As you only get the profit from any bets won using them, it’s good to go for odds of 1/1 (2.0) to try and make some money on them.

Case 2: If you’d like a little more risk, you could use the 888Sport offer and place a bet of £5 on odds of 1/2 to 1/1 (1.5 to 2.0), which are low odds and have a high chance of winning. You risk not winning, but the low odds have a good outcome. With a £5 bet on odds of 1/2 trebled, you’ll receive a free bet of £7.50

Case 3: If you’d like slightly more risk, you could also use the 888Sport offer with the maximum bet of £10. To get equal value as the William Hill offer (which also requires a £10 stake), you’d have to win £20 with this bet. To do that you’d have to bet on odds of 2/3 (1.667). 2/3 X £10 = 6.6. 6.6 trebled = £20. The difference between this and the William Hill offer is that with this one you have a risk of winning zero, but the odds you have to bet on are slightly higher, so it would still be worth going with the WHill offer if you haven’t already claimed it.

The difference between this and the William Hill offer is that with this one you have a risk of winning nothing, while the odds you have to bet on are also slightly higher, so it would still be worth going with the WHill offer if you haven’t already claimed it.

Case 4: If you want to win some serious free bets (up to £5000) and are willing to risk your £10, make a bet with big odds. 166/1 would win you £4,980, but there isn’t much chance of that happening. It would be best to make a more probable bet of around 10/1 which would be trebled to 30/1, and you’d win £300 from a £10 bet.


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