Free bet picks

If you are stuck or need advice on what to bet on, there is a great soccer betting service at (formerly known as They have now scrapped their £99.95 annual service fee and offer all tips for nothing!

To add to this, you can also have these expert tips delivered right to you email inbox.

The company:

The SoccerBetting service started back in October 2001 and ever since, its customers have been enjoying the rewards of being part of their now free service.

In the long-term is the most profitable UK-based online football betting tipsters. Subscribers have been enjoying five consecutive seasons of winning soccer betting tips and more of the same is expected in following years. They also own the site!

Since the soccer betting picks service started in 2001, over 1,000 bets have been recommended, achieving a 10.4% long-term betting yield.

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“In my opinion is the most consistent and profitable betting service I have associated with over the past 10 years. I look forward every day to checking my emails for news of new bets because I know they will make me a profit! Thanks again!” D. Evans (Cardiff)

 Live football scores

As every better knows that when you have a bet on you want to know what the score is! There are numerous sites on the web that offer services to provide these, but our choice is the Live score service from the football-data network.

The Live Score service is provided in a simple layout with easy access to all the information you need. It covers league matches from all over the world as well as international fixtures.

It is much more than a live score service though…It doubles up as a fixture finder and form analysis system for the teams you are betting on.

features include:

  • Current form of team – scores from their last 10 matches
  • Head to head scores from the last 15 games against the two teams
  • Top goal scorer from each team
  • Times of goals scored in matches
  • Current league standings

All this data stretches back a number of years.

The company:

The Football-data network started out back in 2001 and has become one of the largest sports service networks on the web.

Their resources extend to betting guides and tips, odds comparison and even a tennis betting information service. Live score was launched in 2007 and has become one of the authorities for sports betting on the Internet.