Ligue 2 Predictions

The Ligue 2 is a professional football league in France that serves as the second division of French Football. The League consists of 20 teams and operates on promotion/relegation from Ligue 1, France’s top football Division. This year will see many clubs fighting to be promoted or relegated with their fellow competitors

Ligue 2 was founded in 1933, and the name lasted until 2002 before switching to its current one. Ligue 2 has served as a way for clubs on the brink of professionalism to become so ever since it became Division II back in 1934; however, if they suffer relegation from this league their professional status can be revoked temporarily while playing at Championnat National level before returning once again when they make their comeback into Ligue Two.

Ligue 2 has been rife with success over the years, so it should come as no surprise to you that many of France’s most notable players have plied their trade in Ligue 2. You know what they say: Success breeds more success! In fact, there are a whopping 400 top-flight footballers who once played for clubs playing at this level and still ply their trades today.