Grand National betting – updated for 2014

About the Grand National

The Grand National is quite possibly the most famous National Hunt steeplechase in the world. It is held annually at the Aintree racecourse (England) and takes place in early April. The race is over a distance of 4.5 miles and contains 30 fences.

The date of the first Grand National is debated due to some discrepancy over where the first few races were held. The first records of a race were in 1836, but it was not until 1839 that the event became popular. This is widely regarded as the first official Grand National. It was won by the horse Lottery, ridden by jockey Jem Mason.

The prize money for the Grand National is nearly £1 million which makes it the most prized horse race in Britain. Across the world, it is estimated that 600 million people watch the race which has huge popularity with people who don’t usually bet on horses. Grand National betting is a major revenue earner for bookmakers.

The most successfully Grand National horse was Red Rum who won the race 3 times and came second twice. His treble between 1973 and 1977 is unmatched by any other horse. His trainer Ginger McCain also won the Grand National with horse Amberleigh House in 2004.

Grand National winners

There have been many Grand National winners since its start in 1839, although it was not run during World War I and World War II. There was also no winner in 1993 as the race was voided due to a false start problem. The list of horses that won the race between 2000 and 2010 are listed below.
You can find the full list here.

Year Player
2010 Don’t Push It
2009 Mon Mome
2008 Comply or Die
2007 Silver Birch
2006 Numbersixvalverde
2005 Hedgehunter
2004 Amberleigh House
2003 Monty’s Pass
2002 Bindaree
2001 Red Marauder
2000 Papillon

Grand National betting

Grand National betting is very popular and it’s a sporting even that bookmakers mark in their calendar that every year attracts a huge number of bets. However predicting the Grand National favourite is no mean feat. It’s not often that the same horse wins twice, so it really is down to predictions.

There are a lot of myths over what to look out for when picking a horse. It’s not a good idea to pick your Grand National favourite by colour of the horse, gender of the rider or any other random historical stats. There are some very simple things to look out for though when making your Grand National bets:

Stamina: The first thing you really need to look for when you start to think about your Grand National betting is stamina. The Grand National is very long – 4.5 miles, and is the longest of any other British race. Since 1994 only Red Marauder has won the National without previously winning a race over 3 miles long. If your horse has won races before, check the distance of these races. There is no point picking a potential winner who is good over 3 miles if there is 1.5 miles more to run. It makes a big difference, and this is why stamina is so important.

Jumpers: There are 30 fences in the 4.5 mile race, so as well as stamina, your horse must be able to jump. Don’t fall into the trap of making your Grand National bet and then realising your horse can’t jump! At the time of writing, the last ten horses to win the Grand National had previously only had 7 falls over fences between them. When making Grand National bets make sure your horse can jump!

Age: This is a very important statistic. Since 1983 only two horses have won the Grand National age 8 or younger. When Grand National betting be sure to take into account the age of the horse you select. It seems here that experience is key!

So there you have it – three important factors to picking the Grand National winner. Make sure your horse has stamina, can jump and is over eight years old, and your Grand National bet could be a rewarding one.