Premier League Predictions

The Premier League began in 1992/93, preceded by the Football League First Division, which was established in 1888. The league today retains the title of the world’s best football league. Although England’s top clubs do not win the largest European Cups on the same frequency as Spain’s top clubs, the Premier League is still considered to have the toughest overall competition. (Premier League was previously sponsored by Barclays Bank, which is the reason for Barclays Premier League’s previous official name.

Current List Of Premier League Teams

If you’d like more information on the teams that are currently in the Premier League then check out the following list:

History Of The Premier League

The Premier League background has been a bleak period for the English football club. The attendance was a record low and the hooligans ‘ league was notorious. The league began in 1985-86 without a television coverage as the parties couldn’t agree on a deal. At this time, the country’s largest clubs started to consider the launch of a new independent league.

The creation of the Premier League represented a major separation of the Football League’s top-level tier. The new league, with traditions going back to the 1880s, would not be part of the Football League. It would still be part of the league system, however–the worst-placed team in the Premier League would be relegated to the second level and the best-placed team would be promoted to the Premier League from the second level.

There have been new contracts with television companies that have seen the potential of the popularity of the game. The television rights were given to Sky and they expanded the service to five-hour sessions. Both are highly influenced by the American NFL, elements that were developed for the TV audience such as Monday Night Football.