New Betting Sites – What Should I Consider?

Due to the astonishingly competitive nature of online betting, established bookmakers are trying to get themselves to the head of the pack. This has meant that most bookmakers use cutting edge software, are heavily legislated, offer large amounts of markets on a huge amount of sports and have a wide array of welcome bonuses, promotions and free bets to entice customers.

As a result, new bookmakers have an impressive standard to meet if they wish to be successful in the industry. There is no doubt that many have met this standard with a aplomb. Making site-wide changes and integrating new products and software to a well established site can often be troublesome.  This isn’t something that is a problem for a new bookmaker beginning from scratch and this often means that their websites are competing well with their more established contemporaries.

Due to the amount of bookmakers now live on the web in can be difficult to decide where to go to. This blog is going to attempt to make this process easier.

Where Do I Find New Bookmakers?

Using google will be an easy way to find the most established and leading bookmakers. However, new betting sites are unlikely to have SEO which enables them to appear particularly high up the google chain. This is why websites such as Big Free Bet are ideal to find the new bookmakers with attractive bonuses. We review hundreds of bookmakers across the globe and can help you decide which bookmaker fits best for you.

We relentlessly go through the web looking or the latest offers and promotions as well as any new additions to the online betting industry. Be sure to use BFB before looking to open an account.

How Do I Choose?

Whilst bookmakers are becoming more and more similar as the industry grows to be more sophisticated, they all differ somewhat. Below we list a number of factors to consider before opening your new accounts.

Legislation & Regulation

Whilst it may seem obvious, you need to check that the company you are gambling with are doing so legally in the country or region that they are functioning. It is also worth checking that they are regulated by the correct third-party organisations to ensure they offer a fair and transparent service. Whilst almost all bookmakers across the globe tick all of these boxes there are always exceptions.


This is something that can differ greatly. The software utilised by a bookmaker is crucial in ensuring the speed of which you can place a bet, the in-play information available to you, the quality of the casino and gaming sections of the site and most importantly whether the platform and software used is compatible with your device. There is little point in opening an account to gamble on your phone if the website is not optimised to work on a mobile device and they do not have an app.

User Reviews

At Big Free Bet we continuously test out new bookmakers websites to see how well they fair against the industry standard. These are worth a read  and can be found in our reviews section. Using sites that are not user-friendly is a massive negative and the whole experience should be a positive one. In most instances this is absolutely the case.

Odds & Markets

It goes without saying that firstly when looking for a new online bookmaker that you need to find one that provides you with the markets that you desire. Some new bookmakers may offer as few as four sport whilst some offer 30+. These include incredible obscure markets such as the second tier of Bosnian football,

You also need to consider how good the odds are that are being offered. Please note that these can vary greatly and are always worth checking.

Bonuses & Promotions

A simple look at the BFB homepage will show you how much welcome bonuses can differ amongst new and established bookmakers. If you are looking for a decent pot to get you started it is crucial you pick a bookmaker with a good welcome packages. Some bookmakers are also better at offering frequent bonuses and promotions.

Banking & Security

There is little point in opening a betting account with a bookmaker that doesn’t allow you to deposit with your desired payment method. Some bookmakers offer little flexibility regarding this so please check before you open an account. It is the newer versions of payment method such as e-wallets that are not always accepted.

Features Of The Site

Whilst the depth of a sportsbook can differ greatly across the hundreds of bookmakers, other features can be absent entirely. If you are hoping to live stream events that you bet on, be sure to check that this is a facility provided by the bookmaker of your choice. Some bookmakers also offer virtual options as well as a casino section so check these are available before signing up.



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