The Best Betting Sites In New Zealand 2024

Published: September 6, 2019
Author: Josh Stewart
Last Updated: January 2, 2020

Gambling in New Zealand is controlled by the department of Internal Affairs who stipulate that all public gambling should return some of its profit to the community. Generally speaking gambling institutions are state owned with expenditure in its billions. In this guide we will discuss some Greatest Betting Sites available to punters in NZ   

Gambling Games In New Zealand 

The way a players tends to choose his gambling site is via the range of games that are offered by a bookmaker. Whilst some sites in New Zealand may be fully dedicated to Pokies, many of them offer a range of Casino games which include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Bingo and much more. We have considered the range of games as well as the quality of a companies website and App when w have considered our best New Zealand Betting Sits which are listed on this page.   

Betting On Sports 

Whist Casino Gaming is very popular in New Zealand so it betting on sports. Sports betting in New Zealand cover various sports but the most popular sports are  Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tennis Golf, Football and Horse Racing.  

Types Of Betting 

When betting with bookmaker in New Zealand you can place bets on a wide range of markets for various sports. If you were to take Rugby Union as an example you could place a bet on Wellington Hurricanes to beat Auckland Blues by –12 points as opposed to just winning the game as per normal. The amount of markets you can place bets on vary greatly and these include minute for first try, total points scored and first try scorer when it comes to Rugby.  

It is also worth remembering that sports betting is not limited to a before an event as most New Zealand bookmakers also allow you to be in-plau. You may wish to you one of the below alternatives: 

Sports Exchange: On an exchange you can not only back something to happen, you can also make a ‘Lay’ which predicts that something will not happen. As an example, if Wellington Hurricanes were odds of 2.0  and I made a lay for £20 I would win £20 if they  lost but lost £20 if they won. However, liabiities can be bigger. If I made a lay on a horse that was at odds of 11.0 for £20 I would win £20 if it lost. If it won I would have to pay out £200! The most well known betting exchange in the world it Betfair and they are licensed in New Zealand.  

Spread Betting: Another method of betting is by Spread Betting. The most traditional form of Spread Betting is to predict how many times something will happen in a sporting event. This may be how many runs in a cricket match, how many points in a Rugby League match and how many tries in a Rugby Union match. You decide to buy or sell. As an example, if the total points in a Rugby League match was set at 40 and you bought for £10 a point you would be predicting that there would be more than 40 points. For every point there is above 40 you will win £10, for every point less you would lost £10. 

Payment Methods 

It is important that you find a bookmaker that accepts your desired payment method. Luckily, most bookmakers accept a range of deposits which are free to deposit and withdraw. These regularly include E-Wallets and Paypal. Withdrawals tend to take between 3-5 days before they hit your bank account.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Sports Betting Legal In New Zealand? 

As long as you are 18 or over and gambling with a licensed site it is fully legal. 

What Should I Look For In An Online Gambling Site? 

A good welcome bonus, wide range of markets and gaming options, high value odds and a responsive website or app. Luckily, we have considered all of these before choosing our best New Zealand betting sites.  

How Do I Register With A Gambling Site? 

Click the relevent button on the homescreen and fill in all of the mandatory fields. It merely asks for some basic personal details and the whole process should only take 2-3 minutes before you are ask for your banking details to make your first deposit.  

What Is The Best Betting Site In New Zealand? 

We have listed our Best New Zealand Betting sites on this page. 

Is Bet365 Legal In New Zealand? 

Yes, residents of New Zealand are able to use a Bet365.  


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