Mobile phone betting


Mobile betting

Mobile betting is predicted to be the next big thing in betting. Think about the possibilities…Not only can you bet while sitting in front of the TV in your living room or in the pub, but you can even bet while you are at the game!

In the past mobile sports betting has been quite complicated to deliver to mobile phones. Unlike computers where everyone is using pretty much the same software, mobile phones are quite varied. There are so many phones out there and so many different platforms, it has been difficult to set up a reliable service.

Betting on your mobile

As we all know, nothing is impossible and the betting companies have finally started launching mobile services. However it can be a bit time consuming going through all the bookmakers on your mobile phone if you are a member of more than one.

To save you time, we have selected the best for you! From testing out the various services we have come to the conclusion that Bet356 offers the best all-round service. Plus they give a £50 free bet to new and existing customers!


Whether you are a new or existing customer, place a bet on your mobile or tablet with Bet365 and you will get a free bet of equal amount up to £50

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Another great option for mobile betting is 10Bet.


100% up to €100 first deposit bonus for new mobile customers and €10 free for all existing customers who place their first mobile bet.

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Posted by: wayneroo October 26, 2009