EPL fans vs. NFL fans, Who are the biggest fans? -Infographic

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world- perhaps the most popular of all. But what you think is football may not be what someone else is football. In Europe, football is a completely different sport than what is football in America.

English (Barclays) Premier League fans vs. National Football League fans

If you were to do a fan-to-fan comparison between NFL fans and EPL fans, which fan base do you think would win? Who is more loyal to their sport, NFL fans of EPL fans? Is there a difference between the fan bases?

You don’t have to wonder any more. This infograhic contains all of the information you need to find out which sport has the more dedicated following. Is it the NFL? Is it the EPL? Click to find out answers to these questions as well as many other like:

  • Does EPL or NFL have a more dedicated league following?
  • Which football has more fans?
  • Who is more likely to go to home games?
  • Which sport has a bigger data following?
  • How much time and money does each football type bring in?
  • How loyal are football fans to their team, even if they are losing?
  • How devoted are EPL and NFL fans to watching every game?
  • How often do fans look at team and league info both in-season and off-season?
  • Which football is more popular in social media?
  • How popular are games for the NFL and EPL?
  • Which football has had the highest-ever attendance?

You will find out all that and more from the following  infographic.


An infographic comparing  comparing the social media presence of EPL fans vs. NFL fans.


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